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"dreaming of bill..."

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i'm always w my phone, sometimes i play minecraft, i'm obsessed w and wattpad, i can't live without music, i'm gonna be a scene kid in a few years (i promise), piercings addict (i just have 4, for now...), etc.


  • tokio hotel
  • ayesha erotica 
  • the weeknd 
  • deftones
  • TV girl
  • crystal castles
  • lana del rey
  • avril lavigne 
  • mitski
  • isabel larosa
  • doja cat
  • cas
  • the NBHD
  • lady gaga
  • girl in red
  • pastel ghost
  • montell fish
  • rammstein
  • bôa
  • the smiths
  • evanescence
  • mac demarco
  • rebzyyx
  • grimes
  • slowdive
  • arctic monkeys
  • strawberry guy
  • billie eilish
  • wisp
  • mareux
  • mother mother
  • abba
  • suki waterhouse
  • K3NT4!
  • childish gambino
  • britney manson
  • punkinloveee
  • syko
  • ke$ha
  • odetari
  • lumi athena
  • 6arelyhuman
  • t.A.T.u.
  • madonna
  • steve lacy
  • nelly furtado
  • nirvana
  • type O negative
  • guns n' roses
  • rihanna
  • shakira
  • la zowi
  • marama
  • ozuna
  • maluma


  • all twilight movies
  • coraline
  • entangled 
  • corpse bride
  • amor de gata (fav)
  • inside out
  • mean girls
  • white chicks
  • la sociedad de la nieve





  • siempre fuiste tú 
  • all the "amor de gata" books

  • i promise you/i'm here (toll)
  • in die nacht (toll)
  • psycopath 1 & 2 (just bill)
  • mi mejor amigo es un vampiro 1 & 2 (just bill)
  • mln


idk, batman?

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she/her 🇦🇷

menta granizada lover :3

bill kaulitz obsession!

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gentle Deathh a pill

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L o l Zzamn zzOhMygod hey nice to meet u
U^ェ^U i like ur vibe
and thank u for adding me
( • ◡-) comment me tu?

by gentle Deathh a pill; ; Report


katt's profile picture

i love ur layout smmmmm

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HOLA!!! Acabo de ver tu perfil, ES SUPER GENIAL, si quieres que seamos amigos puedes enviarme un mensaje aquí, te contaré algunas cosas sobre mí: realmente amo tokio hotel , me gusta black veilbrides, my chemical romance, pierce the veil, entre otras cosas, me gusta mucho descubrir cosas nuevas, tengo 14 años, soy de México y casi no hablo muy bien inglés pero me gustaría conocer gente nueva :)

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sab ♡

sab ♡'s profile picture

I really really like ur layout!! thanks 4 the add!! ^_^

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Wes's profile picture

thanks for the add!!! I'm totally stealing ur blinkies and stamps!!

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plutocxre's profile picture

nice profile!! (i also stole half of your blinkies and stamps, hope you don't mind, tee-hee) xP

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Tyy! And don't worry abt the blinkies and stuff, it's okay ^^.

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


!!Miu🦴's profile picture

Wow!! Your account is very nice :D

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TYY! I'm so in love with ur profile

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


Grettel's profile picture

Omg i LOVE ur layout so much

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by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report

🪰𝓂 𝑔

🪰𝓂 𝑔's profile picture

𝒴ℴ𝓊𝓇 𝓁𝒶𝓎ℴ𝓊𝓉 𝒾𝓈 𝒹ℯ𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓉ℯ𝓁𝓎 ℴ𝓃ℯ ℴ𝒻 𝓂𝓎 𝒻𝒶𝓋ℴ𝓇𝒾𝓉ℯ𝓈

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I'm gladd <33

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


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Heyy :3

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


Theo_Z~☆'s profile picture

looove your layout. Especially that cd looking pfp like give me I think I'm in love. You got a pretty cool music and movie taste too ngl we have a lot of common favs (evanescence <3333, coraline,mean girls...)

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Best comment ever

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


zzach's profile picture

omg, such a cute layout!! thx for tha add o_<

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TYSM!! You seem so cool ^^

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


aqwvxv's profile picture

i love ur layout sm :3 and thanks for adding me

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by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


_Ari7777's profile picture

I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!!! thxx for the add >_<

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Really? TYSM!!

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report

𝔫𝔵𝔷𝔶. ⸸

𝔫𝔵𝔷𝔶.   ⸸'s profile picture

I hate the world

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Why?? What happened?

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


kt_lavigne06's profile picture

OMG THE BLINKIESSSSS!!! I <3333 this page

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by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


rAwrieRAver711's profile picture

SICK PAGE, soooo many cute blinkiessss >w<
thx for the add!!

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TYYY! I'm obsessed with ur layout, it's so pretty

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report

nae ☆

nae ☆'s profile picture

ty for the friend request cute pfp!!

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Tyy! ^^

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


R3jectF4lseIc0ns's profile picture

bonito perfil :)

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Graciass <3

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report


DRANUEKA!!!!'s profile picture

Me gusta tu perfil aunque estés traumada (⁠๑⁠˙⁠❥⁠˙⁠๑⁠)

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Pq traumada?? JAKAJSJ

by sc3nek1ss!!; ; Report