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weird art surrealism goth things spooky stuff magic fae rapping folklore bards music videogames reading movies nature chilling drinking games


trash thrash insanity rap folk punk hick gyp electronica synth neo psychedelia industrial metal rock experimental ... most music really


horror comedy mystery




Roald Dahl Junji Ito, mystery books


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About me:

Kielbrahsa & Mooresak
Insanity hickhop rappers. freestylers. artists.
Always down to chat; looking to connect with any chill weirdos out there.

If you like experimental music and weird art, it'd be dope if you checked us out.

ART INSTA: @kitzowa

Who I'd like to meet:

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tord !? ( PROFILE IS A WIP/ TW )

               tord !? ( ...'s profile picture

:3 ehehehhehehehe

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haha hehe

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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Trash Ballad sounds pretty cool!

Best regards from Germany :)

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thanks for the listen.
greetins from the dirty south

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

🐍T I M 🐍

🐍T I M 🐍's profile picture

Thanks for the follow request! I also subscribed to your YouTube channel! You got some kick-A$$ stuff!!!!! 💪💪💯

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Well thanks, hit us up if you ever wanna chat. Not always on, but always down to chat if we are

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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Dig your page!! :)

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thanks, you should tell me about all those alter egos sometime

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


by Jestamang; ; Report


Jackson's profile picture

thanks 4 the add, sick art and chill beats!

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Sure thing, liked the words on your profile. Fuck dahmer (not literally)
glad you enjoyed, we got lots haha

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗲𝘇𝗶𝗶's profile picture

cool profile and love ur art!!

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Thanks, glad you checked it out!

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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Neat profile!

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Hi, how's it going? thanks for connecting!
Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

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Goin pretty good, finished some songs we were workin on, now just tryin to beat the heat. What are you up to? Hope your weekend is treatin ya well

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Hi, yeah, thanks! it was a pretty chill weekend. The weather in the UK is very cool and mixed at the moment (18 C) so managing to get out n about at least! I enjoy a bit of creative writing meself when the mood takes me...
Hope you do well with your songs! I'll check your links out :) Cheers!

by Clara; ; Report

Lucky, weather here has been in the hundreds every day for about two weeks. Only a little bit of relief at night. Creative writing is always fun, anything you been workin on or just makin lil stories?

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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THNX 4 ACCEPTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sure thing!

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

⛪️ ♄el ℞azor ℧

🔥⛪️🔥 ♄el ℞azor ℧ 😈's profile picture


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wassuppp, not much, just sittin inside today and sittin out the 55mph gusty wind day haha. how about yourself?

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

its cold out fosho and i gotta move to virginia soon after i go back to cali for a bit

by ⛪️ ♄el ℞azor ℧ ; ; Report

better than californyuck :P

where abouts in virginia?

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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I live in CA

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I meant where you "went live". I thought you meant a website.
So CA, USA. Or CA in the uggo canada? Haha I saw you said you were french canadian. Just wondering if you mean california or canada.


by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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Thanks for the add 🪦🤍🕸️

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No prob. What kind of music do you make?

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Sad pop rock 💕🤍🕸️

by SADGURL™; ; Report

Sounds dope. Would love to hear some of it. Just always wanting to connect and create with other fun people. I'll follow your insta, I'm usually on there more.

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

It'll be live soon! And same here We artists have to stick together

by SADGURL™; ; Report

Where do you go live? And agreed. Not enough of us around. I hope you can check out my art sometime.

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


layla's profile picture

thnx for the add! ur art is phenomenal.

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Sure thing, always ad people with fun shit. Not always on, but if you ever wanna chat just hit me up.
Right? K's got really good art, I'm jealous, I can't art for shit myself haha

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


Lesliealbarran's profile picture

Hey thanks far adding me hoping to chat soon!!

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Love making new friends, especially in the south!
Always down to chat. If I don't get back quick, it's because I'm a technophobe and barely use the computer for fun lol

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report


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Hey, thanks for the add! I followed you back on Insta :) I love your art!!

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Of course. Thank you very much!

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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☽ ˚ .✧ °

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Bohemian Princess

Bohemian Princess  's profile picture

Hiya! thanks for the add. :D

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sure thing!

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞

The Young Vulnerable Anim...'s profile picture

Thanks for giving us a chance and adding us!

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Of course. I listened to "Ugly Bastards", the rough version was sweet.
Weird musicians unit.

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

*unite lol

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Ugly single was a good start point for us, the ep version is better, but the album version will be the one that finally let's Tofuko move on and not record the same song again for a fourth time lmao

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing our "normal" mix right now. Check back in December for the most insane holiday mix available anywhere.

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Love independent radio. Thanks for sharing! I added y'all to my radio playlist By chance, do you know any other internet/independent radio stations I should know about? I'm trying to find other weirdos out there haha. PM me if you know any.

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report

Cultradio a gogo

by Wacky Alex; ; Report


SOVIET SHIKSA's profile picture

Thank you for deciding to connect.

I'm hopeful that your day is going well.

If you're interested in making your day worse....listen to some Soviet Shiksa.

On Spotify

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I always love making my day a little less tolerable. Jank, dark music makes the world go round!

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report