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short, they/he (*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ꕤ*.゚

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FASHION: mall goth, v kei, lolita, scene.. VIDEO GAMES: Muse Dash, Groove Coaster, Undertale, DDLC, Yander sim, Genshin, Skullgirls, Omori, Colorful stage, Identity V, needy girl overdose/overload, BanG Dream, D4DJ, overwatch


Kittie, Melanie Martinez, Avril Lavigne, Radiohead, Lucy loone, dead blonde, MCR, cheeze, Slipknot, BABYMETAL, MARINA, PiNKII, Jazmin Bean, Korn, Super Sonico, Kikou, Maretu, Millionaires, and a bunch of different vocaloid


ANIME: your name, madoka magica, demon slayer, jujitsu kaisen, Ghibli, bubbles, neon genesis evangelion, stranger at the shore CARTOONS: mlp, sumikko gurashi, my melody onegai EXTRA: Scream, Friday the 13th, Legally blond, mean girls, nightmare on elm’s street, Kamikaze girls,


ANIME: Card captor Sakura, madoka magica, k-on, angel beats, demon slayer, jujitsu kaisen, Komi can’t communicate, disastrous life saiki, haganai, food wars, ngnl, tbhk, neon genesis evangelion, lucky star, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, love live, watamote, mha, danganronpa, chobits, pswg, death not, is the order a rabbit?, nekopara, show by rock, clannad, quintessential Quintuplets, Yuri on ice, chainsaw man CARTOONS: invader zim, rainbow brite, mlp, sanrio, korilakuma


Manga: my dress up Darling, Komi can’t communicate, demon slayer, Sanrio boys, Himouto! Umaru-chan, tbhk, k-on, Madoka, kill me baby, and quintessential quintuplets, chainsaw man Books: Emily of a new moon, restart, ghost, patina, ghostgirl, Ella Minnow Pea, to kill a mockingbird, five survive


nobody at the moment "^-^

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About me:

Hello, I’m Skyler! ( •͈ᴗ•͈)◞ I prefer he/they pronouns !!my age is 13!! You can message me anytime! (,,> <,,)♡ I’m black and i dress in lolita/japanese fashion and sometimes in a visual kei fashion,, I also collect figures THIS LAYOUT WAS NOT CREATED BY ME

Who I'd like to meet:

If you’re a little like me I’ll kidnap you /j I wanna meet anyone and everyone <3 <3

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ty 4 the add ur page is super cute!!

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Thanks! You too!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

tysm!! :D

by rex; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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TYY FOR THE ADD BACK!!!! You seem like such a cool person :33

by layla ☆; ; Report

You do too! 💕 💞

by Perty The Virtual Musician; ; Report


XD_M1k3y_XD's profile picture

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime!!!! (:

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You’re welcome! you seem so cool too!! and yes same thing over here messages are always open for anything

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

Thank you so much!!!! And awesome, I'll make sure to message you when I can!!!!! :D

by XD_M1k3y_XD; ; Report

silas ☆

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HAIO THX SM 4 THE ADD!! ur layoutz adorbz nd u seem so kewl x3

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hi, ty for the add!
ur layout is super cute!!

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Ofc!! And thank you, you seem so cool!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

oh tysm! and u too :D

by lovely; ; Report


by Skyler_x~; ; Report

what music are u listening to rn?

by lovely; ; Report

I’m listening to scene slt dance club, lol what about you! Are you listening to something rn?

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

ya! i'm listening to mad hatter by melanie martinez! ^w^

by lovely; ; Report

Omg, that’s a really good song!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

yeehh! well i hope u have a good day/night ^^

by lovely; ; Report

Thank you! You too!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report


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Hiii! You seem really cool!

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omg hi, you too!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report


v3r0's profile picture

AHH AMAZING ANIME TASTE 🖤🖤 u seem so cool omgmgmg

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Thank you!! your so sweet

by Skyler_x~; ; Report


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Okay! But you have some real good taste in music!!

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OMG thx!! that literally just made my night!!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

Your welcome!!- wait YA HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!?
Subed. Don't care if you don't post subed on spot.

by Loser_boi; ; Report

WAIT WHAT omg that's really so nice of you lolz I'm so glad I friend requested you!!

by Skyler_x~; ; Report

Aww. I saw one of your playlist there! And it's just full of grunge [rightfully called Grunge too lol.]
-w-) you are my favorite person here now.

by Loser_boi; ; Report

thx I forget to put music lolz

by Skyler_x~; ; Report