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I dunno I like art and stuff, anime too! Oh and games! Like Sally Face, Fran bow! Oh I know about Little Miss Fortune but I never played it myself! Minecraft is really cool too! Iam more into watching gameplays rather than playing some games myself.


Genres: Metal, Industrial Metal, Grunge, Death Metal, Hyper pop, and like just Rock over all [Nightcore and Daycore unironically] To add a favorite band! Its SOAD [and Soundgarden]


I like all types of movies! The Deadpool movies are my favorite tho especially the second one- [✨Ass pen✨🖊️] The Sea Beast. Treasure Planet. Addams Family (the 90's movies) EVERYTHING Star Wars. Yes even the sequels. (Wish they used the original script. DOBLE BLADED LIGHTSABER REY!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?! its interesting tho the double bladed lightsabers were forbidden. They were thought to be "sneaky" and unfairly fooling to the opponent. Jedi weren't even trained to fight against them! That's a factor to why Qui-Gon was so taken aback by Maul. Let alone the fact they the Jedi thought the Sith were extinct!)


I don't watch TV like at all lmao.


Okay now I do have favorite books! The Red Dragon (Hannibal) Silence of the Lambs (again Hannibal. Yet to read the other two books!) The Dark Half (not finished but i love it so far!!!) Frankenstein (I read it cuz it was already home and i was like "Why not? Havent seen the any of the movies so it would be cool to read the book first" and i ended up crying internally crying a few time.)


Dont really have any ngl.

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Hello! Iam Maxim! Hope we can be friends! [ link to the picrew i used for my pfp https://picrew.me/image_maker/1310137 ]

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I don't really care as long as they are around my age! *cough* Gorillaz fans *cough* and The Arcana fans too *cough* Iam a big TOH[The owl House] fan! and Gravity Falls obsessed... fell like i needed to add that I ALSO LOVE D&D!! I like too much stuff. Too much to add em all... Well i do wanna add that i like Detroit: Become Human (i really dont have any favorite story lines. Cant choose Kara, Connor and Markus are all fucking fantastic- Not to mention Hank and Luther. Fuck Amanda tho. I know she's the self regulating program or whatever but I just don't like her- okay i lied i can choose. Its Connor. Call me basic all you want his side of the story had the most mind put into it and that says alot.)

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Hey! You seem really cool! Wanna be friends?

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oh my fucking god iam so sorry- and yes ofc! i kind of abandoned spacehey for months ;-;)

by Loser_boi; ; Report

Ok cool! And it’s totally fine! I abandoned spacehey for a while too

by GayMess; ; Report


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ur really cool

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Well I guess I meet your standards! You did say you wanted to meet cool people

by Loser_boi; ; Report

oh yes, you really did meet my standards

by linda; ; Report