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"L, do you know? Gods of death love apples."

17 English/Español

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I am Ayu.

17 Years old

Mostly video-games, anime, and food. I have pretty basic interests.

Up and coming professional catboy

Fire arm enthusiast

Professional lower-class citizen

Expect me to rant (yap) sometimes

I'm kind of a weeaboo.

I might be honest, too honest. Like, rude honest.


I'm not a furry, but if I was I would have a kemono, and it would be the coolest furry ever, like, best furry, cool af, like actually dude







Machine Girl

Maximum The Hormone

Mitsuki Miyawaki

Mr Oizo

Malice Mizer

Moi Dix Mois


The Fifth Element, Ghost in the Shell, The End of Evangelion, The Strangers, Insidious, The Ring, A Scary Movie, etc. I love 2000s-2010s movies, fun af,


Mostly streaming services, I watch some anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure's

Soul Eater (fye fr fr)

Death Note>



The Mind's I

Fahrenheit 451

The Holy Bible (NGE)


MrPositive2Day <3 Natural Natural Natural Natural

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About me:

Married to MrPositive

    데스크탑에서 가장 잘 보입니다

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    "내가 소유한 것은 생명과 영혼이다"


Who I'd like to meet:

Jesus, Mercy from Overwatch, Kermit

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:3 the merc

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Your profile is so cool. :) We have similar interests!!

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I claim this person as mine and mine alone

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veeery nice page ;33

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Wacky Alex

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Happy Halloween from FunHouse Radio

       __| |__
/ /\ /\ \
| /__\ _ /__\ |
| / \ |
| _ """ _ |
\ \\/\_/\// /
Spooky Kooky music playing now!

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Thanks fur addin meh!!^^

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Thank YOU for adding meee ^^

by MrNegative2Day; ; Report


by Boykisser; ; Report


by MrNegative2Day; ; Report

profesional boy kisser

profesional boy kisser 's profile picture

thx 4 da add!!
u seem kewl!!

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Yo your layout is actually so cool ☆

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eyy thanks, I still want to improve it tho, i just need to figure out how to change more stuff like headers and such

by MrNegative2Day; ; Report


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You have a cool profile!

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Thanks, I'm going to change it again but it was fun making it. I like your profile too,,

by MrNegative2Day; ; Report

Thanks! Changing your profile a bunch is like half the fun, good luck!

by Wubzilla; ; Report


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howd you do the extra interests stuff?

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uhhhh probably message me that in the IM since it messes with the comments too so idk what to actually put-

by homotoast; ; Report


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ty for the add profiles so clean!!

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YOUR PROFILE IS SO COOLL!!!!!! Thanks so much for the add!!

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Np!!! always gotta add the Evangelion ppl <33 🫶

by MrNegative2Day; ; Report