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"obsessing over gay pirates "

I'm 18, he/they, from PA

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To be fair I have a decent amount of interests at this point in my life, but that's also like directly connected to how easily I hyperfixate. Shit is crazy. One of my most recent fixations though is sadly reoccurring... fiver nights at freddys (sigh) there's just no escape at this point.


Music wise I listen to far too many artists. My thing is i connect certain artists or songs to specific moods, then it just gets confusing. Main genres I listen to would probably be just general emo (midwestern emo, emo, emo rap etc) yea I get it my brain is still stuck in middleschool, rap but more specifically Eminem (thats jsut my daddy issues talking tho), ih and classic rock! rn i'd have to say my favorite song is "no children" by the mountain goats.


Oh my god movies! I'd day don't get me started but its already too late... see movies are literally my favorite thing. Which easily ties to the fact my favorite place to go is the movie theater, I just like the atmosphere okay!!! But I also enjoy just sitting down at home to watch a movie, its comforting. Can't say I have a favorite genre, I mean if its a movie i'm probably gonna watch it. Though I am a sucker for RomComs and horror movies. My favorite movie is probably Beetlejuice, Its been my favorite since I was a kid what can I say.


There are far too many shows if I'm gonna be honest. Once again like with movies I'll watch just about any genre as long as it intrigues me. This'll probably say a lot about me but the first show fandom I got involved in was Supernatural. Had a fan page an everything. Horrid show but I love it nonetheless. Ouu! I also have an appreciation for anime, see I'm easily distracted but reading the subtitles idk keeps me involved in the story. My favorite show is without a doubt Bojack Horseman!


sigh, books are cool lol. I used to be a huge bookworm when i was younger had the highest reading comprehension for 3 years, but then like depression happened. I still like reading but my attention span just sucks.


OH MY GOD!OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! it's spider-man! it's spider-man! spider-man!!!

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About me:

So my name is Destry and I'm 18. I have no idea what i'm doing on here but I am damn sure gonna find out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh yea I'm also ftm, use he/they pronouns, and i'm queer! take that as you will

Who I'd like to meet:

I'm going to be completely honest, I would like to pull a Dan ad Phil. Hold up let me explain!!! they met on myspace, did they not? So where is the Phil to my Dan. Or the Dan to my Phil, sigh. That was a joke... I think (if anyone ever wants to talk just message me!)

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5ativa vampir3

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thx 4 th3 add!! s0rry abt th3 fnaf hyp3rfixati0n gws

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yeah ofc! and im sure i'll somehow survive it :o lmaoo

by Destry; ; Report


cosmo's profile picture

bojack horseman did not have to go that hard; everything about it is so good. also thx for the add :)

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for real! Bojack is so good and ofc!

by Destry; ; Report


||ajax||'s profile picture

ur page is so pretty

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thank you!!!

by Destry; ; Report


by ||ajax||; ; Report

dean winchester.

dean winchester.'s profile picture

your profile is so cute ((: also spn is a terrible show

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thank you! and ikr :/ i wish i wasn't deeply emotionally invested

by Destry; ; Report

same bhrhrhs its my comfort show

by dean winchester.; ; Report

i often times find myself wishing middle school me never found it, but i also know that isnt true LMAOOO

by Destry; ; Report

same but also like its helped me thru a lot

by dean winchester.; ; Report

same tbh, they really did dean dirty tho :'(

by Destry; ; Report

BRO dont even get me started on that

by dean winchester.; ; Report

yea :/, see i constantly see jared stans defending the finale soooo hard. like no dude it completely ignored so much character development.

by Destry; ; Report

nah its not just the fandom jensen literally said in the inside of you podcast that he didnt like the ending at first but then began to like it. i remember him even saying to the fans that we'd like the ending a lot.

by dean winchester.; ; Report

good point good point. yea i remember that jensen didn't like it but it slowly began to grow on him yada yada. i completely understand that the show needed to end and all that but i feel like they definitely could've done it way better. like for one cas and deans lives did not need to end like that. really brought killing the gays to a new level. sigh... oh and don't get me started on sams fucking old man wig. my main thing with the ending is that it just idk felt a little rushed? if that makes sense

by Destry; ; Report

NO thats exactly how i felt. it was most definitely rushed. the last two seasons were only 20 eps /:

by dean winchester.; ; Report

yea! like wasn't every other season other than 3 around 22 episodes? like at least season 3 sorta had a reason to be shorter and they made it more! the later seasons were just thing after thing and it got kind of convoluted. for one at this point in the show none of the fucking lore makes sense .they constantly changed it cause they didn't care enough or forgot. do not get me started on the fucking witch lore or the word "Christo" which was so useful, but im pretty sure they only used it in like 2-3 episodes out of 15 seasons.

by Destry; ; Report

THE FUCKING CHRISTO THING YERDJKADSF okay ALSO they 100% dumbed dean down lmaooo it's kinda funny but also a bit annoying. i was rewatching and i noticed he used the term "achilles heel" in s5 but in s15 sam uses it and dean asks what it means :sob:

by dean winchester.; ; Report

sigh, the bimboification of Dean Winchester :'(. In my opinion they shaved down a lotttt of Deans personality over the years which is just rude tbh

by Destry; ; Report


by dean winchester.; ; Report

its just so sad cause Dean Winchester is a very complex character, most of the fucking characters are tbh. As the show went on and on it seems they gave into the stereotypes for the characters a lot more. Dean dumb, hot, comedy relief. Sam smart, little brother, "so get this". It just started to feel far to simplified. I miss the shit from like season 3 where Dean was talking to himself in the like dream thing, that was good.

by Destry; ; Report

GOD that today is still one of my favorite scenes.

by dean winchester.; ; Report

yes it was so fucking raw and emotional, i love that kinda stuff. the show always used to give good insight into the boys minds. at some point tho i guess the writers decided the boys were far more predictable then they actually are. oh and sams first death. HOLY SHIT! that was soooo good

by Destry; ; Report

reminder that after season 5 kripke had handed the show over to his execs. @_@

by dean winchester.; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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