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"Avoiding Writing... because I'm a Writer"

Actual Goblin King

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Reading, Writing, Photography, Cooking, Animals, Music, Science, DIY Bats


YUNGBLUD, Breaking Benjamin, Machine Gun Kelly, Florence & The Machine, Ashnikko, Qveen Herby, Disturbed, MSI, System of a Down, Slipknot, Baastherian, Angels on Acid, Highly Suspect, NOFX, Halestorm, Jake Hill, Bloodywood Qveen Herby


The Mummy, The Last Unicorn, Jurassic Park, The Boondock Saints, Willow, The Crow, Sin City, Zoolander, The Goonies, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Stardust, Inkheart, The Ghost & The Darkness, Fern Gully, Hook, SyFy's Alice, Howl's Moving Castle The Last Unicorn


Bones, Primeval, House M.D., Criminal Minds, Xena, American Horror Story, Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist, Psych, Warehouse 13, Dark Matter, Zoo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Food Wars, Good Eats, Eureka, Grimm, Dexter Connor Temple - Primeval


The Old Kingdom Chronicles, The Talisman, The Last Unicorn, Dragonsong, The Dragon Nimbus series, The Ender Series (Ender's Game, etc), Harry Potter, Watership Down, The Redwall Series, Discworld, The Joy Luck Club, Game of Thrones, Shade's Children, The Eyes of The Dragon The Disc


Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard, Stephen King, Benjamin Burnley, Dolly Parton Jumanji

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About me:

Bats Satanist, Smut Writer, Fet SWer, Artist, & Chaotic Bisexual
I was around for the original Myspace, as well as LiveJournal. I adopted FB before it was cool, and hated it before that was cool too. I'm a writer, photographer, food enthusiast, and lover of "creepy" animals. I think my tarantulas are cool, but I doubt they feel the same about me. Rats are literal angels.

Who I'd like to meet:

Artists of all kinds, people who want genuine friendship and connection instead of just hoarding "friends" they never talk to on other social media sites.

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Thanks for the add! 🗡🥀

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Petals And Thorns

Petals And Thorns's profile picture

Thanks for connecting! 🌹🖤

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Kabinett Obscura

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Thank you for the add🌹

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Toby's profile picture

Thanks for accepting.
I need to finish the Discworld books!

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Hannah's profile picture

I love your profile pic! It is very aesthetic

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Eee thank you~ It's definitely my best selfie.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report

_Madame X_

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also, what was your LEAST fav season from AHS?

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Apocalypse. It was absolute garbage; all the previous season tie-ins were completely shoehorned in and the writing was just... uggggh.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report

OOOF I haven't watched that one yet. To be honest, I kinda stopped watching AHS mid season of Roanoke. I remember watching the teaser trailers for it and it was NOT what I expected when I started watching it. I was kinda disappointed, not gonna lie.

by _Madame X_; ; Report

Yeah, Roanoke was pretty bad too.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report

_Madame X_

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Idk why the science part of your profile made me think of that 80's song.. "she blinded me with SCIENCE!"

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Ahahaha that's awesome! Any time I can make someone think of 80s earworms, I consider it a win.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Dexter is one of my all time faves, heard they are making an new season. Stay safe!

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Thanks for accepting my friends request I hope you have a good week:)

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Thank you! I hope you have a great week too.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report

nice to meet you btw! :)

by Canuck88; ; Report

Steves Peeps

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you are awesome

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Awww, thank you! I think you are, too.

by Sabrieth Stormscribe; ; Report

=) =) =) !

by Steves Peeps; ; Report