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"Haunting (and organizing my blinkies lol)"

she/they, 21, Mexican living in Southern California

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Drawing, painting, watching cartoons, petting my kitty-cats, playing video games and dropping them after less than a month, practicing bass once every two months, reading manga, and pacing around in a circle with my headphones on. Gengar is my most favorite special guy ever.


Nirvana, System of A Down, Talley Hall, My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, Ween, PUP, Green Day, Weezer, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, Radiohead, Will Wood, Oingo Boingo, Jack Stauber, Mitski, David Bowie, The Front Bottoms, Me First and Gimme Gimmes, Of Mice & Men and They Might Be Giants.


Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda series, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Hades, Hypnospace Outlaw, Yo-Kai Watch, Pheonix Wright series, Professor Layton series, Celeste, Cuphead, Night In The Woods, Undertale, RPGMaker games like Yume Nikki, OFF, Ib, Omori, LISA, Fear and Hunger, Wadanohara and Ao Oni, Earthbound, Silent Hill, and Sonic Adventure 2.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Loiter Squad, Harvey BirdMan: AAL, Pokémon, Neon genesis Evangelion, Adventure Time, Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, Hannibal, Samurai Jack, Invader Zim, Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Over the Garden Wall, Bee and Puppycat, Smiling Friends, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Moral Orel, YOLO:Crystal Fantasy, Futurama, Daria, Beavis and Butthead, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Soul Eater, Panty & Stocking, Watamote, Osomatsu-san, Mob Psycho 100, and Dorohedoro.


My Hero Academia (including its spin-offs, I have an unhealthy obsession with the SMASH!!! Manga), Chainsaw Man, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Dorohedoro, the works of Junji Ito, with "Tomie" being my favorite, Our Dreams at Dusk, Tokyo Ghoul, Dorohedoro, and books by Nagata Kabi, with "My Solo Exchange Diary" and "My Alcoholic Escape From Reality" being my favorites. I want to make comics similar to hers someday.


Fantastic Mr. Fox, The End of Evangelion, American Psycho, Kill Bill Vol 1, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Ratatouille, Megamind, Coraline, Paranorman, Kiki's Delivery Service, Detective Pikachu, Bettlejuice, Kung Fu Panda, Tokyo Godfathers, Napoleon Dynamite, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Paprika, Midsommar, Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, Parasite, Wayne's World, every Austin Powers movie, and every Jackass movie.

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About me:

BOO! I'm Sophia! I'm an artist, I mostly like to draw fanart of things I like, but I would like to make my own comic someday. Thanks for visiting! If you like my art, feel free to tip my Ko-Fi! Or if you're considering comissioning me, please message me or e-mail me at friedgengars94@gmail.com

Who I'd like to meet:

Other artists!!! And people who are willing to tolerate my cringe interests.

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𖤐Alejandro𖤐's profile picture

OMG I luv the gengar theme u have goin' on with ur layout, it's soooo cute!!

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Thank you so much!!! :D

by Purplgeist; ; Report


nookie's profile picture

thank you so much for the add !! you seem so cool

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Thank you very much! You seem pretty cool too lol.

by Purplgeist; ; Report


toni's profile picture

hiiii!!! thanks so much for adding me, i really luv your profile :o

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Thank you!!! :D I really like how your profile looks!

by Purplgeist; ; Report


B3AX/PIM 💫's profile picture

u wouldnt mind if i perhaps used some of ur stamps right?

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OMG of course!!! :D I love your profile. :]

by Purplgeist; ; Report

Tysm !!
i love ur page sm and u have some awesome stamps im gonna add to my collection :33

by B3AX/PIM 💫; ; Report

Your stamp collection is pretty awesome!

by Purplgeist; ; Report


maru's profile picture

Love ur profile 💜💜💜

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Aaaaaa, thank you! <333 I LOVE your profile!

by Purplgeist; ; Report


arlo's profile picture

ty for adding back!!! i love your layout .. i love gengar hehe

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Thank you! Gengar is the most perfect little guy :]

by Purplgeist; ; Report