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"Struggling lmao"

22 he/him, bi, musician/gardener, eastern NC

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Music, gardening, cooking, photography, coffee, languages, winter, waterfront benches, trains, street lamps, trees, sweater


Owl City, Cavetown, Billie Eilish, Beach Bunny, The Postal Service, Bastille, Ariane Moffatt, Phantogram, Metric, Klô Pelgag, Aliceband, Tally Hall, Grasscut, Neil Cicierega, Tryo, Chopin, Debussy


I'm a Nintendo boy and I love artsy fartsy indie games, ACNH, Night in the Woods, Spiritfarer, Anodyne 2 (please play anodyne 2), Skyrim (still haven't finished it :/).
rip tf2 I still lov u


Fantastic Mr Fox, Isle of Dogs, other Wes Andersons, Baby Driver, Batman Forever (the best and only good batman movie)


I only care about cartoons and Queer Eye
Adventure Time, Star Vs TFOE, Hilda, OtGW, Bojack, Duck Tales (2017), I HAVEN'T SEEN THE OWL HOUSE but I want to


A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui


We all know the real heroes of the American people are the hardworking mail carriers and transportation workers who thanklessly hold all of society on their shoulders

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About me:

I make music, peep my bandcamp
my vibe is half cottagecore, half city slicker, all nostalgic for melancholically staring out the car window with my earbuds in in 2009
just joined this website, I think it's neato
pls message me if u wanna chat about any common interests I'm so lonely please anybody
ask me about my plants
respect trans people or perish
My old insta
Current jam:

Who I'd like to meet:

diy musicians, lgbteople, eastern NC peeps, friend me up
If I sent you a friend request I think ur cool and I think we could vibe

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nice profile, i hella vibe with a lot of ur interests !! RIP TF2 but also.. it's still alive just very bot ridden 3

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i typed out a broken heart at the end there but the website destroyed it oops

by jamie; ; Report

Hiiiii I’m so glad you added me you’re so cool
Yeah “rip tf2” is kind of a joke, i know there’s still a dedicated community and i love that for them. I’m just in the “rip tf2” crowd because i miss the good old days. The lack of updates is really discouraging, i feel like the game is just on life support :(

by matthewwb; ; Report


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𝓴𝓮𝓴𝓮 !!!!

𝓴𝓮𝓴𝓮  !!!!'s profile picture

hey!!! thanks for accepting!!! i love night in the woods c:

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Cool c: I actually replay it every year on the winter solstice as part of my festive holiday vibe activities.

by matthewwb; ; Report


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Thanks for adding us! We love Phantogram too.

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Yeah!!! I actually just added them to my profile because I’m listening to them right now and remembering how cool their stuff is. Fun fact i actually went to the same college that sarah barthell dropped out of lol.

by matthewwb; ; Report

Woah, small world! We live near Seattle so there are tons of musicians who have come through town or started here.

by Separatr; ; Report


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Hi Matt thanks for the link up how are you what's going on in NC? I'm Bethany from upstate NY.

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What's going on in NC is a lot of rain lol. my driveway is a mud swamp. I went to college in Vermont actually and I really miss the snow

by matthewwb; ; Report

Oh nice my bf works in Rutland. It's sunny dry and cold here atm.

by Bethanyls306; ; Report