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"Having Anxiety attacks and dwelling in a deep depression "


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Music,Art sometimes I sing wanna hear a sad song?


I like a little bit of everything but Billy Eylish sings to my soul.


Warm bodies, Zombie land , Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Deadpool, Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks is hilarious .




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About me:

I'm a Female who has agoraphobia,fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy,Depression,PTSD, and scoliosis... these issues have wreaked havoc on my life relationships and family/friends. However I don't plan on letting my issues defeat me so I'm focusing on myself and doing everything I can to get better. Other then that I'm pretty good at giving advice I enjoy helping people and I'm also working on vocal training because I want to start singing again.

Who I'd like to meet:

Corpse_husband I want to tell him that things can get better and I wish we didn't have shitty things in common . πŸ’— Dominic Harrison "yungblud" I just want/need a hug and he looks like my friend that passed away a few years ago.πŸ₯Ί Jacksepticeye seems like he'd be a great friend.

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Thanks for accepting love πŸ’•πŸ–€πŸ•Έ

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Thanks for stopping by! πŸ‘

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! 🌹

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No problem, thanks for stopping by.

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?



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Hii Kitty! βœ‹πŸΌ

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Jordanπ—™β˜…π—–π—žπ—œπ—‘Joestar's profile picture

Hello, Kitty. I have several conditions you have among others. People don't and won't ever understand what it's like but...this is what it's like to live with disabilities, I suppose. Everyone expects it to look "weird", I think. Whatever. Have a nice day/night.

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The worst part about it is when people pretend to have something wrong just to gain sympathy and attention wich is misleading to the ppl you're faking it to and just straight up bullshit. I'd never wish that sh!t on anybody it's debilitating at times.
But anyway I'm doing alright. Sorry we have shitty things in common. How are you?

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Lol I like how you turned it around at the end into something positive. I try not to talk much about my issues bc normies can never relate to things I do, whwther its suicidal/homicidal thoughts or regular anxiety when in a convo or certain public situations that are simple to some I'm good at the moment.

Been putting off studying for an exam I have to eveeeeeentuaaalllyyyyyyy retake to certify myself for near future work upon graduation (baaically its outside of my school so no real rush) but otherwise, been chillin, watching anime, and listening to new deathcore releases. I signed up for one month of HBO max for the Synder Cut and Godzilla Vs Kong coming soon.

Prooooobably finally hittin the skatepark tomorrow after was the weather has vastly improved after some wind and light rain. I'm fairly new to inline skating, as I only biked as a kid and got into skateboaesing as a teen, so I always have a blast trying something physically demanding/requiring focus and such.

Applied for college for art classes. I'll be enrolling soon ^_^. I'm good at drawing but I wanna be GREAT at drawimg+learn to paint so I figured why not use my G.I. Bill a bit more. Seen plenty of corpses to have earned it anyways.

Anything exciting/unusual you doin soon?

by Jordanπ—™β˜…π—–π—žπ—œπ—‘Joestar; ; Report

Lmao normies that reminds me of high school day's that's great and definitely a great way to title them. But yeah I got some tattoo ink I plan on finishing up on a few of my cousin's tattoos I wish they'd add a photo gallery to this particular site but it's whatever I'm pretty sure eventually they'll add some sort of gallery. And hitting up a skate park would be fucking amazing lol that is if I had any real skills and was able to balance well enough I use to bike when I was younger too I guess we don't have just shitty things in common after all lol other than that I've started to record a little bit of vocals for fun nothing serious though

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Tbh, my balance isn't great. It's certainly improved since I began blading but it took conscious effort and I'm still learning lots.

Vocals? Dope! I recorded some guitar, vox, and a drum machine ages ago. Had someone record me track by track. I def wanna record on my own soon. Prob getting a focusrite ams stuff later this year or next year. What type of music will it be for?

by Jordanπ—™β˜…π—–π—žπ—œπ—‘Joestar; ; Report

There's nothing like a good guitar solo, what brand are you hoping to get? Ive always had a thing for B.C rich and Gibson

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Think ya got confused. Focusrite is something artists use to record themslves. I've been playing guitar for 17yrs, own 2 (I'll prob sell one soon) and a bass. I'd bet my dick I'll never find a drummer bc I haven't so far and I've lived on the east and west coast, so instead of using a drum machine AGAIN to record more music, I'm going to learn the drums eventually. Before that, I'll probably go with a program since I'm already creative enough to make beats, I just nees to learn another application.

P.S. regarding an earlier mesaage - I too wish we had gallery. Most people dont read entire profiles so it would help to show ourselves mouch easier. Especially on hard to read profiles like yours and many others that cramp words on phones.

ALSO, it's VERY FUCKING ANNOYING to reply and only see what I type instead of being able to scroll up and see everything I'm responding to, for larger messages.

by Jordanπ—™β˜…π—–π—žπ—œπ—‘Joestar; ; Report

Lol well I'm sure you could see it better in a DM I'm not sure why you haven't yet but the option is available.

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report


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Hi there! Thanks for adding me. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend. xoxo

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Thanks for the add KCC...

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Rough Dreams

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Thank you so much for accepting us! Louisville, KY is like our second home. We’ve played tons of shows at Taproom and Mag Bar. Can’t wait to get back there and play!

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Thanks for adding me. Your profile is really cool

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Thank you for dropping by my profile.
Hope you're having a good day!

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Michael Sprague

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Thanks for add. Sweet profile!

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Thanks and thank you for stopping by

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Echoes of Savages

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Hey! Thanks for the add! Hope you have a great day!

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Thanks for accepting, hope everything is good! :)

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Everything is going pretty well ,I hope you're doing well also. And thanks for stopping by my profile .

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Awesome. And no problem, would be rude of me not to :)

by Chris; ; Report

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Thanks for the add! \m/

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Thanks for accepting the add request πŸ’œπŸ–€

by Kitty_Cat_Corpse; ; Report

Lyrian Space Frequencies

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Thanks for the friend request!

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Thanks for accepting

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Thanks so much for your friendship...Have a wonderful night!

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Kelly Chaos™οΈ

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Thank you for the add πŸ’—

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You're welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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