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"Open your window and let in the atmosphere "

I love the world. I want to know all the people

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MUSHROOMS I love mushrooms so much. Eating them, picking them, tripping on them, and just finding a cute one while walking through the woods and sitting down with it to smoke a bowl. The feeling is unmatchable. I like old timey vintage thing, bunkers, ghost towns, and old growth woods. I like walking miles with no destination and longboarding in the sun. I love hiking the backwoods and touching the moss on the trees.


violent femmes sinead harnet a day to remember modest mouse streetlight manifesto Sublime Prof jorja smith H.E.R Cage the elephant marcy playground phantogram fleetwood mac dire straights mgmt weezer sylvan esso dirty heads greentea peng mahalia mac miller swsh silversun pickups


Fear and loathing leaves of grass deep dark canyon 13 ghosts war dogs dirty work queen of the damned last shift scott pilgrim vs the world SLC punks The cabin in the woods



Life as we knew it once a thief-always a thief mycelium running all of the glass/crank/burned/etc books


I guess my heros are just everyday people I have met that inspired or influenced my life in some way.

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I'm off, I'm going to live with the mushrooms!!!! (view more)

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About me:

Well, I guess the most important thing to know is that adventuring is my life. You can often find me crawling around in the woods looking for mushrooms or climbing shit that I shouldn't be. Nature is my best friend. I'm 26 now and just getting back into being me after a long detour of trying to figure out adulting. Though I spent all of my teen years hitchhiking around Washington with a longboard, hiking backpack, and my travel cat gypsy. She would always crawl out of my backpack onto my shoulder when I went down big hills. I miss it. I'm looking forward to all of the discoveries life has been and will continue to throw at me. I just want to find people looking for the same things as me

Who I'd like to meet:

Well I would really like if the goddamn Violent Femmes would sign this jean jacket I sewed their name into in lace for their concert with the barenaked ladies a while back. Yeah I know you saw me Gordon D= Besides them I just want to meet awesome people who have seen the world and make beautiful things. People can be such a treasure

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Hey thanks for adding me

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Thank you :) I hope life is being good to you ☮︎

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Same to you

by GraveRot666; ; Report

Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable

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What is your best experience whilst tripping on shrooms? I've done many things but magic mushrooms are behind my red line. Despite a lingering curiosity, I've never been daring enough to do it.

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Well they aren't for everyone but you can always take a small dose just to feel an emotional change. My best experience is 8 of us took an 8th each and we could all see a giant hole in the sky! All of us were seeing the same thing. We were cracking up the whole time because everything rhymed. There was a lock (on a door) and a clock (on the wall) and a cat laying next to a bat. My friend and i stayed behind and were going to meet everyone else down the street at the lake but we couldn't walk because our legs turned into spaghetti noodles. We were walking all slow mo cracking up and the neighbors were just staring at us.
Lots of stuff can happen but they can also just feel really overwhelming. It isn't uncommon to come to a point in your trip where you just don't want to be high anymore but you have hours of riding it out still and that can feel scary.
That was a lot of information but what I think is way better than tripping on magic mushrooms is just walking through the woods in the fall and seeing all of the different kinds there are in general. It is absolutely magical and mycelium seems like such an advanced wonder with endless possibilities for new knowledge and improvement of life.

by Mandy Black; ; Report

That does sound amazing!

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report


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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Happy to be friends!

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Happy to be friends!

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Ray Fucking Packer

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Hey, thank you for accepting me, nice profile. I enjoy a good trip to.

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Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable

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Hi there! You seem like such a rad person!

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Dawn Kitty

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Thanks for the add n.n

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Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting with us! Love hearing about your outdoor adventures; Gypsy sounds adorable!🐈🖤

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👉Jerry Cardona👈

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Thank you for the add. Follow my page and links for more updates.

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Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (◠‿◠)

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Hii Mandy!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to check my music out – I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D
I've got new songs coming our soon, so if you fancy getting updated when they drop you can also follow my spotify artists page using this link ...if you want to!
I appreciate your time, it means a lot to unknown artists like myself ^_^

PS – yeah, the teenage nostalgia vibe is a big part of the sound I'm going for :D

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Casey Fallen

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Mushrooms! The best! Loved your profile! Thanks for the friendship!

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P.S. I made you Death Note #4 on my page!

by Casey Fallen; ; Report

A Valor Valiance

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Hi, thank you for accepting.

Cool profile, good vibe you got going.

Keep walking girl.

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Hey there how are you? A little late but thanks for the add! :)

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Oh thank you :) i'm good.. and i'm never not late lol
I hope you are having a good day!

by Mandy Black; ; Report


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Thanks for the add, Hope your having a great day 💯

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Thanx Mandy

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myspace here we go again!
Thanks for accepting.
I still used myspace up until the wipe in 2012
(even though it was like only 2 of us lol)
Big nostalgia trip.

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Oh wow, you really hung in there! Well glad to see you on this awesome platform :)

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Oh wow, you really hung in there! Well glad to see you on this awesome platform :)

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Ha just read your bio again, I've never done mushrooms. Is it like smoking weed. I'm so naïve lol

by Toby; ; Report

Lol. I've only done mushrooms a few times. So when I say I love mushrooms I really mean all of them. Maybe they are like if you ate too many edibles. It's a more overwhelming feeling.

by Mandy Black; ; Report


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Thank you so much for your friendship. I hope you have a beautiful day!!

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I hope you do too. Stay warm wherever you are.

by Mandy Black; ; Report

I hope you do too. Stay warm wherever you are.

by Mandy Black; ; Report

Thank you...You stay warm too! It's icy here!

by Jay; ; Report