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"I love him !! (idk who)"

she/her!! matching w/ x1meldax8, forevasweetheart4you

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Things I fw with: crystals, tim burton movies, goth artists, architecture, sailor moon, poems, comics, writing, clouds, flowers. games i play or WISHED i play: DDLC, little nightmares, FNAF, franbow, undertale, roblox, minecraft, BATIM, baldi's basics, yandere simulator, scratchin melodii, cuphead, my child lebensborn, splatoon, animal crossing, class of 09, danganropa, etc. fandoms i am in: eddsworld, ena, madoka magica, aggretsukko, gravity falls, the amazing world of gumball, adventure time, jjba, fpe, ramshackle, spooky month, psycho cuties, scattershot, becky prim, bridge kids, metal family, south park, sailor moon, invader zim, monster high, gloomy bear, htf, dhmis. styles: morute, dark academia, scene, mcbling, acubi, light academia, hippie, coquette, goth (not really since its mostly a music subculture. same goes for emo), cutecore, old money, dollcore.


bands/artists: HUGE melanie martinez fan, mitski, malice mizer, the cure, bauhaus, siouxsie and the banshees, limp bizkit, HUGE VOCALOID FAN ALSO, illit, BABYMETAL, twisted sister, rammstein, elita, millionaires, ayesha erotica, thornapple, band-maid, X japan, korn, hatsune miku. red hot chili peppers, S3RL, misfits, suicidal tedencies, the smiths, meshuggah, kittie, evaescence, slipknot, green day, black veil, pavement, alice in chains, sisters of mercy, skeletal family, dead can dance, the cramps, linkin park, alice cooper, mccafferty. music genres/types: metal, death metal, rock. alternative, pop, k-pop, black metal, j-metal, j-pop 80s, k-metal, indie, electropop.


movies: ponyo, coraline, corpse bride, saw, the conjuring, spirit away, edward scissorhands, texas chainsaw massacre, nightmare before christmas, k-12, mean girls, invader zim movie, fnaf, terrifier, annabelle creation.


shows: bfdi, south park, mlp, adventure time, she-ra, htf, dhmis. bridge kids, spooky month, salad fingers, invader zim, jjba, fairly odd parents, lackadaisy, ramshackle, bojack horseman, the garfield show.



"the way you look is not an issue" <3

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About me:

hii nice to meet u!! my name is isabel or u can just call me anything u want !! who i am is a quiet, calm, person and i will not do any harm !! and i will also talk about my interests in here too !! and what i do in this app is just make new friends, and talk to people !! i hope u enjoy reading all of this and enjoy once again !! what do i do in my free time? here are some things i do !! i write, write poems, draw, paint, listen to music and nap, be healthy, bake, do comics, color, do crafts, go outside, and do more things !! i really like to do my own projects and write my own thoughts or write how my day is and if u do that then u can tell me them because i like learning new things about u and more !!:333 my likes !! people who are nice, clouds, tea, napping, being clean, self care, peace, dreaming, eating, staying healthy, waking up early, watching horror movies, drawing horror, staying in bed all day. - my dislikes !! my dislikes are mean people, racist people, homophobic people, pedophiles, feeling not clean, crying, rotting in bed, loud noises, and more !! another thing i do all day sometimes is read and watch concerts in youtube cause why not? i also sometimes do bracelets as well and hang out at night !! i also really like stars and space. i really like space !! and birds?? my favorite animals are bunnies !! but more hamsters !! i really enjoy watching different shows too !! if u have any recommended shows for me then don't be afraid to tell me some :D also don't be afraid to tell me about whats going on in ur life or vent !! i will comfort u and make u feel better about urself. sometimes i wont know but i could help u on how to heal and be clean ! because i also had some experiences like that too so don't be afraid. i will help u !! thats all about me !! stay safe and care about urself because u deserve caring !! also dont be afraid to tell me abour ur interests !! i will probably relate and also bc we will also have the same interests as well !! or if not, i will learn about it and also because i wanna learn more about u !! my favorite foods, drinks, snacks !! tacos, fries, enchiladas, flautas, cheese burgers, baby carrots, quesadillas, horchatas, mangonada, popcorn, pupusas, salads, yogurt, and mole !!!! if we are friends, then i wont leave u cause we all know that we have a couple of friends who will leave u or me too but i wont do that cause i dont wanna be a bad person and i will mostly treat u like my own cat or dog. and also, if u are like mad at me for one reason, i wont unfriend u but i will kind of be sad cause i am a sensitive person so if u want me to stop talking to u for a while cause u wanna do something else, tell me in a nice way because people don't really say bye to me in a nice way !! anyways that is really it about me ! stay safe once again and remember that there is people who care about uuu!!! :3

Who I'd like to meet:

YOUUU OF COURSE !! i want to meet people who are just like me and are related to me !! i will also want to meet people who are nice and big dreamers like me ! and people who have the same interests as me too because i want to talk to them about my interests and theirs too !! also, i dont know if i already said this but don't be afraid to send me a friend request !! i will DEFINETLY accept because i want to make new friends too since i dont really have a lot of friends irl and also, don't be afraid to text me or send me an IM, i will answer u back but mostly late because im not really online. i will start being online everyday now !! thats it about me !! have a nice day !!

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i love your profile and the music<33

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thank u !! i also love ur profile !! is so adorable !! :D

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𝗠𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲's profile picture

Thank you for adding me. You seem like a really sweet person

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aww thx !! i also thing ur a sweet person too !! and i love ur profle also :D

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I love your profile!! ^⁠_⁠^

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by 🍓strawberryshortcake🍓; ; Report