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"standing in the corner of your room"

guy, he/him, teenager, scene, Russian

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I really 💯❤ creepypasta, Indie horror, analog horror, args and visual novells

Mlp, minecraft, gta, outlast, mandela catalogue, everymanhybrid, tribetwelve, twf, scp, backrooms, fnaf, bendy, dhmis, urban spook, ranfren, hotel hazbin, cliffside, psychocuties, ongezellig, marble hornets, my dark journal, whispered faith, the cohen project, 2freeenigma, made in abyss, fears to fantom, local 58, danganronpa, yandere simulator, ddlc, black butler, seraph of the end, the rising of the shield hero, butterfly affection, teaching feelings, error 143, john doe, purple, broken colors, lift your spirits, mushroom oasis, monster x mediator, tpoh, death palette, saya no uta, homestuck (still reading) I can't remember any more fandoms


Goregrind, punk, noisecore, bdm, mincecore, noise, rap, hyperpop, scenecore, scene, all subgenres of techno..... logo Синдром живого трупа, ВКВКСП, toughguy, кишечная язва, windrfvck, казненный унитаз, 40 ножевых, менструация спидозной свиньи, ribbtapomn, clogged, yacopsae, aquatic death investigetions, razorrape, chainsaw dissection, extreme noise terror, cranial bifurcation, houkago grind time, anal cunt, schoolgirl upon thy corpse, moe secretion, enbilulugugal, merzbow, hanatarash, the black angels, кино, молчат дома, the caretaker, she wants revenge, HM, gore street, kidsnorlax, yabujin, dayerteq, dj trippie flameboy, XS project, axxturel/luci4, domd, cartiergod, kxxiv, playboi carti, s3rl, millionaires, 3oh!3, slayyyter, graveyardguy, ayesha erotica, aphex twin, tqbf, m1dy noise-music-noisecore-logo-mens-t-shirt e49b5c-44e437e1fafa45bfb4586631bd3849e0-mv2






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About me:

(I'm still editing my profile) rus/eng ☢︎ Hi!! You can call me Zhenya (Женя)/Eugene. Usually in my free time I draw and do nothing. I'm not very friendly, but I will be happy for every message!! If u need anything, message me, I don't bite. I'm lookin for new acquaintances and friends. I don't know english well and sometimes I write with mistakes. I'm schizophrenic, so pls be patient. And sometimes I may not respond to ur messages for a while лю вас всех братаны

Who I'd like to meet:

People with similar interests and music tastes, people from various subcultures. DNI: homophobes, transphobes, sexists, ableists, racists/people who judge by nationality, nazis, people who support Putin, pedophiles, people who support REAL crime, toxic fans of any bands


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your profile looks rlly fucking cool

We have a lot of the same interests .. I love your sematary pfp

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☆ luca ☆

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OMG UR SO COOL!! also im learning russian >:D

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LOVE UR PROFILE we’re into a lot of the same thingz ^_^

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Omg =D

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