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"Kissing JFK on the lips"

16 year old girl, I pinky swear.

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The only thing I seem to be decent at is drawing, so that would be my main character trait if I was in a game. Wish I was better at it but so does everyone else with their own hobbies. I just think to myself a lot though. Everyone does, but I think it may be my favorite and least favorite thing to do. Just scenarios to make yourself feel better or pretend something happened that didn’t. Mental windows pop ups seem to occur quite a bit, like feeling 1000% overwhelmed with everything you know. I wonder if that happened to people before the internet. Maybe only the smart ones.


If I wanna come off as cool I’ll say my favorite artists are Radiohead, Jo Duck Bai, NASTYONA, and Jun Togawa. (If anyone knows the pattern I love you) I do listen to them a lot but being honest, and I want to be honest so my internet ghost is completely real, completely me, it just basic stuff. I like a lot of musicals, I won’t admit it in public. I love Tally Hall, but people see you as some politically correct sad girl if you say that. Just any song with a narrative. FNAF songs, ones around games I general, just stuff that makes you look geeky. If you have ANY music or artist you love and no matter how hard you plead no one seems to want to listen to it, I will.


My cool answer would be to say Perfect Blue, or Paprika, some kinda of deep brooding anime movie. Those 2 are really good but deep down I like the Scott Pilgrim Movie. But DEEP deep down I like the modern Muppets movie, I’ve seen Muppets: Most Wanted, like 20 times. Text me your favorite muppet, I like Lew.


Arrested Development is definitely up there, just nice a show that almost feels real. Probably some more I just can’t come up with names.


Every Junji Ito book ever, I have too many I feel like such a poser for only reading them once. One I got months ago and still I haven’t read it, maybe I’m saving it for something I don’t know. I have all the Scott pilgrim books too, they’re always a nice read.


I like a lot of trashy internet stars who made their homes on places like MySpace. Our founding mothers and fathers of rotting on the internet. Looking at their old blogs is like reading old letters.

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About me:

Trying to talk on here so much that my persona becomes their own person. So a version of me is trapped in the internet. I think that would be neat. I’m not crazy, I just want to escape onto here so badly. Obviously this site will close down some day and I’d hypothetically just be stuck in some kinda internet limbo but besides that I think I’d like to just be code. Maybe someone else on here feels the same. Poem I wrote: Bonzai Buddy oh won’t you be quiet. Jumping on my screen making a riot. I wish I could trade your code with mine. Dinner with you would be divine. Banana for me, Banana for you. Oh a computer made body would make me feel new.

Who I'd like to meet:

Someone to talk to, I’d really talk about anything if you’d want to. It’s a weird feeling remembering the person on the other end has a mind and life of their own. Nothing strange like beating up puppies or something gross, but if you just want to say things to a stranger for the sake of it, message me.

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thanks for the request :) n i liked ur poem!

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hehe thank you! theyre so fun to write :)

by L0n3lyG1rl; ; Report


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TYSM for accepting visit and leave comments always welcome!

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Ur "About me" is literally so me. Ur profile is so cool btw xx

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I appreciate that actually so much. >:)

by L0n3lyG1rl; ; Report


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Your page is really cool!!!

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hehe thanks!

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