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21, English, She/Her, Snow and Rain enjoyer

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Creative writing / Fibre arts / Video Games / Snowsports


In no particular order... The Young Veins / Panic! At the Disco / Carola Ortiz / The Living Tombstone / David Bowie / (and others but I cba rn :D)


Any Barbie movie / Jordon Peele movies / The Saw franchise


ATLA / Gravity Falls / Community / RPDR


I don't read as much as I'd like! :( Send me cute romance book reccs


Ryan Ross / Lady Gaga / David Bowie, ugh, icons

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About me:

Ryro Enjoyer. I like to knit and crochet :D, I'm getting into making music

Who I'd like to meet:

People who are interested in music and sharing their fav artists! Pre-split Panic! fans, Young Veins fans, etc... Anyone friendly and open. My IMs are always open and I love to chat! I message back as quick as i can :)

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lia ♱

lia ♱'s profile picture

yay a gaga stan lol! i wanna get into bowie, do u have any song recs? :)

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omg yes so many, "Alladin sane", "Cygnet Comittee" and "Lady Grinning Soul" are some of my faves, I can IM you more if you're interested <3

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

love love love lady grinning soul thanks for all the recs!

by lia ♱; ; Report

!ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie}

!ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie...'s profile picture

thanks for acceptin my friend request, u look really cool:D

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ty!! also happy birthday! :)

by Ippyhaj; ; Report


by !ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie}; ; Report


CAINE ☣'s profile picture

Tysm for the add!!! Love ur profile and u seem super cool too!

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ty! I love your hair!

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

Thank you!! ^_^

by CAINE ☣; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hiyaaa! nice to meetcha :D

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hi!! nice to meet you :)

by Ippyhaj; ; Report


SHEEPSTER's profile picture

thnx for adding! ^^ i rarely see people who are into community lol

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its one of my fav shows! :)

by Ippyhaj; ; Report


SQ✩'s profile picture

ryan ross foreverrrrrrrrrrr

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yesss omg you get it!!

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

esme erotica

esme erotica's profile picture

love love love loveee your layout!! Pretty. Odd. album is sucha good choice

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omg ty, your pfp is gorgeous btw

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

mim <3

mim <3's profile picture

ur page is sooooo cool and nice looking! ty 4 accepting friend request! :)

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tysm! <3

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

john egbert

john egbert's profile picture

I LOVE YOUR PROFILE LAYOUT SO MUCH!!!! its kinda like, comforting? If that makes sense... but the colors are really cool! :B

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tysm! its by Ash Lynx! heres the link :) https://layouts.spacehey.com/layout?id=350

by Ippyhaj; ; Report


xdeadandprettyx's profile picture

Omggg you crochet?? Me too well I just started you seem really nice :)

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omg yes crochet friends!! Im actually working on a project rn!

by Ippyhaj; ; Report


Gl0r!a's profile picture

Thanks so muchhh 4 the add!! Nice layout btw! ^-^ And same here ;/ I need to get into more reading as well :'(

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ty! I found the layout on here, i like it alot :) Your layouts are super cute too! I saw you made your own and i think thats so cool!!!

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

Aweee thanks sm! If you ever have time you should tots try to make ur own it's so fun!! I play around with previous layouts to see what the #'s or codes change and mean to figure out mine lol. ;D

by Gl0r!a; ; Report

oh thats so smart, i def wanna try at some point, ive found cute pics on pinterest i wanna put as my background haha

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

Yesss!! That'll be so neat!! Good luck ik it'll look amazing haha!!!

by Gl0r!a; ; Report


by Ippyhaj; ; Report


by Gl0r!a; ; Report