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newly appointed teenager from mericaaaa

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i currently really like late 2000s-early 2010s stuff. also drawing, animating, building things, singing, making music, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!! drinking water


tally hall, will wood, paramore, lemon demon, pierce the veil, s3rl, romanceplanet, jhariah, jack conte, flyleaf, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, bear ghost, the rare occasions, the living tombstone, shayfer james, dead ringer. i also like video game fan songs and such.




madoka magica, mlp:fim, regular show, the chosen, adventure time, sonic prime, sonic x, idk i dont watch much television


warriors, skyborn (jessica khoury), wings of fire


uhhh idk i think spiderman is pretty cool (also jesus is a cool guy)

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About me:

helloooo, call me helix, she/her, new here :P join the anti-goreposters of spacehey today! https://groups.spacehey.com/antigore

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Who I'd like to meet:

cool scene kids perhaps? i need mentoring lol

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Good song choice mate.

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Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦

Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦's profile picture

No offense, but your name sounds like a reference to DNA.

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yes, this is intentional. my character's name is Helix, and he is laboratory related, so the DNA thing makes sense in that aspect.

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

I don’t know who Helix is. Tell me more about him.

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

oh boy, ive been waiting for this one! Helix (the guy in my profile picture) is a part of a group called Chaos Guardians, which is also the name of the comic me and my brother are making about it!! Its basically about a few stickmen who each have an object that gives them a power. for instance, Helix's object is a halo, and his power is levitation and teleportation. he grew up with neglectful and abusive parents, and when he was 10, they sold him to some scientists who wanted to experiment on him and his powers. he was there until he was 12, when he enacted a plan to escape the facility. having been away from his halo for about a year at that point (it was taken for further study when he was 11), when he stole it back, it caused such a powerful magical reaction that he went basically power-possessed mode and killed the head scientist. he was terrified that he did such a thing, so he got the heck out of there quickly and lived on the streets until he was 21 and met Axis, another stickman with an object, his being a clock and his powers are slowing time (i forgot the second power, my brother made this character). Axis is a bounty hunter, and Helix had a pretty big bounty placed on him for the last 9 years. they fought, and only stopped fighting when they realized that they were pretty much evenly matched and there would be no point anymore. they joined together and formed the Chaos Guardians (we havent exactly figured out how long it took). i think this comment is a bit long, so i will spare you by stopping here lol

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

Is your comic published yet? I’m eager to check it out!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

so uh, the thing is, i havent seen my brother in a few months so we havent started the comic yet :( if he doesnt come over again i might just have to make it myself, but there is a chance it might just stay as a brain world with a few animatics or something. ill try to get in contact with him and see if we can start though

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

You might want to consider publishing your comic online. Its outreach will be increased that way!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

good idea, maybe i will, thanks!

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

You’re welcome!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report


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Your page makes me want to watch 2000 movies all over again. Great job.

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thanks dude, this is my greatest achievement

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

caspian 🌕🐀 (winters #1 fan)

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how has no-one commented on ur profile???
its rlly cool + thank u 4 the friend request :)

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thank you for being my first comment bro!!! you are epic B)

by d0uble_h3lix; ; Report

thank u!!!

by caspian 🌕🐀 (winters #1 fan); ; Report