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My interests are: Splatoon Pokemon Bungou stray dogs Soul Eater Crk Evangelion Mairimashita iruma kun Vkei Hsr Akuma kun Jjk Nana Seraph no end Black butler Dead plate Okegom Yttd Housekinokuni Assassination Classroom Heavens official blessing Pjsk Genshin Tbhk Vanitas No Carte Ranfren Homestuck Servamp Zeno Remake Elevator hitch Cold front Homestuck Enstars Tokyo Ghoul Any Marutoko game! (I don't support any of the bad creators here.) Main fixations: Zeno remake, Splatoon, Enstars, Tbhk, Ranfren, Pokemon, Akuma Kun, Alien Stage, Iruma Kun, Death Note, Pjsk, Idv, Hsr, Seraph No End, Okegom and SO much more I have alot more interests but those are just a few!!


I listen to a whole mix of music, I enjoy gacha pop, vkei, goth, or any music that just sounds good to me S3rl, Msi, rebbzyx, dadaroma, kaneto juusei, malice mizer, monoclinic, shazna, kaya, plastic trees, xaaxaa, kamijo, LARIENE, Versailles, the GazettE, Mitski, and ALOTTTT MORE. HUGE MSI FAN AND REBBZYX FAN!!!!!


Uhhhh i just watch whatever seems cool!! I enjoy watching animes and silly cartoons


Uhmhmhmhmhhm idk!!!!! Anything that's cool ^-^ -


I love reading, I usually read mangas and poetry!! I love poetry, I actually write some myself!! I write songs and poems^^


Im not sure, sorry!! :3

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About me:

(Sorry if this is like eyestrain) Hii, im Aki/Maru/Zeno call me whatever tho, usually I go by aki I have anger issues, my birthday is 11/4 and I'm 13 years old. There's alot more about me if you get to know me! I'm a super bold and honest person, lmk if im too blunt!!!!! He/him, gay, agender, poly My discord is: zvx17 I love meeting new people!! ^-^ I love rpg horror games!

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Id like to meet anyone, I just want some friends to chat to and talk to!!! U gotta have discord tho I want to meet people with an alternative fashion sense so we can talk about fashion together!!! Although Idm how u dress

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