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"No pronouns heh.."

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Just a user who is a gamer and an artist Fav vocaloid: Miku, Luka, Vflower, Gumi, Kaito, Len, Ai, Oliver, Nana Fav game: Pjsekai, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Persona, Project Diva, Roblox (Play some my fav game), Team Fortress 2, Touhou Project, Madness Combat, Silent Hill,Dead by Daylight, Lollipop Chainsaw, Doom, Bayonetta, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, God of War, Outlast, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts, FNAF, Undertaler, Saya No Uta, FNATI, Cry of Fear, Fusion fall, Half Life, Garrymod. I really like gothic,scene,punk,webcore. Also respects all styles!


Vocaloid song,Nightcord song,Rock song,Nostalgic song,d3r,6eralyhuman,ayesha,odetari,kets4eki,nosgov,asteria,lumi athena,jnhygs,cade clair,xxanteria,luci4,axxad,wujek,pröz,kojo,luvwillow,m1v,pixel hood,hubithekid,rory in early 20’s,iluvern!,9lives,pr1svx,rebzyyx,marluxiam,kikuo,maretu,neru,cirus,cosmo,ado,ryo,mytho,mana sama,gackt,lady gaga,ayesha (Also I kinda love a band too) and so many fav music artist XD


Kill Bill,American Psycho,Friday the 13th,House of 1000 Corpses,Three Headed Shark Attack,The Walking Dead,Henry Portrait of a Serial killer,Sonic the hedgehog,Conan Movie,Super Mario, John Wick,Spiderman,Spiderverse,Kill Spirit,Akira,Princess Mononoke,Ninjago movie, Lego Movie, The Batman Lego Movie, Invader Zim enter the florpus


Anime:Jojo Bizarre Adventure,Corpse Party,Madoka Magica,BanG Dream,Devil Man Crybaby,Lucky Star, Nichijou,Evangelion,Serial Experiments Lain,Super Sonico,Hetalia,Perfect Blue,Touhou Project,Fullmetal Alchemist,Code Geass,Detective Conan. Cartoon:The Amazing of Gumball,Ninja go,Ben10,Ppg,SpongeBob,My Little Pony, Invader Zim, Adventure Time, Relugar Show.Other: Object show,The Amazing Digital Circus^-^


I don’t really like reading books so much (so…yeah.)-~-


Update: Donald Trump. GOD BLESS TO AMERICAN

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About me:

You can call me Syn or Shun Multifandom (Some fandom like Castel of National,Final Fantasy,Madoka Magica,Project Sekai,Creepypasta,Resident Evil,Homestuck,….), Gamer player, Artist DNI: Pedophillia, Zoophillia, Racist, Lolicon, Shotacon, Comshipper, Proshipper, problem support, Homophobia, Tranphobia, Dated Online, Meowbah, Bfs webtoon, antis neo & xeno, Autism speaker, oc x canon antis Btw i love: Cloud (Final Fantasy) Zack (Final Fantasy) Squall (Final Fantasy) Leon (Resident Evil) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Mafuyu (Project Sekai) Tsukasa (Project Sekai) Karl (Castle of National) Climber (Castle of National) Rellik (Castle of National) Mizuno (Castle of National) I have a lot my fav character but can’t tell because I am lazy I am still a minor ^-^ I have a social media but I'm afraid to make friends, so I have to use this site :) Also I have a 2nd account! Name: zAny (I hope your guys have great day!) https://spacehey.com/profile?id=1896302 I GET MARRIED WITH THE OCEAN [LOL]

Who I'd like to meet:

A nice person, any fandom, gamer, artist, vocaloid fandom, any countries :>

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hi omg ur profile is so awesome,..... squishing and stretching the sataivlis like slime

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Thanks, you too

by zSynz/xShunx; ; Report


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This is a cool page!

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