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"saving up for a bass. duff mckagen who??"

tomboy asf, UK based, grrrrr doom metal or die

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manic cd/cassette collecting, skateboarding, playing guitar (as if), making shitty comics, horror movies, ARK, wolfenstein, general procrastionation, terrorising the masses, collecting bohr, ww1, ww2 n nam memorabilia, tank and gun shells, making guns go boom boom. i try (and desperately fail) to make music


La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol 1 [VINYL]: CDs & Vinyl quiet riot, l.a guns, cinderella, orgy, tesla, poison, crue, gnr, soundgarden, white zombie, slayer, STP, nirvana, pearl jam, cypress hill, sonic youth, marilyn manson, the clash, skid row, dio, manowar, ratt WAIT WTF I FORGOT TWISTED SISTER Manowar - Hail To England | Releases | Discogs Orgasmatron (album) - Wikipedia


Halloween 2009 was pretty cool (literally just put me infornt of any screen with a rz movie playing on it), scream 1 through 4, band of brothers (yeah i know it's a series go away), saving private ryan, black hawk down, fight club, breaking bad, deadpool 1 + 2, S7ven, Hellraiser 1 through 4, futurama all that jazz


Scooby Doo (legend), TBBT, one tree hill, beavis and butt-head, south park, MTV downtown, blah blah blah whatever. Tv's for poopy faces and fart sniffers anyways. Me included.


art of war, a bridge too far, hannibal (barca), a book about the troubles thatäs shoved into the bottom of my bag somewhere, 1984, clockwork orange, animal farm, the real life bugs and insects magazines (yeah I got all of them somewhere), wolverine, freakwave, hornet, vanguard + the victor comics


and what the hell throw my parents in here too im lame

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About me:

(Especially Christine Richters')

well hello there fellow carbon based lifeform, im gonna assume that you clicked on this profile by mistake and gonna advise you turn back immediately before the overwhelming coolness emitting from me seeps through the screen and into your blood stream and you become too awesome to handle. i mean if you wanna proceed, go ahead. dont say i didn't warn you. prepare to be wowed, nerd.

Who I'd like to meet:

preferably humans, but hey, i don't discriminate. dudes who like metal, are pretty fucking metal :3333

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You are badass, sweet, sexy and always caring! Vibes all the way and you deserve good things!

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And you're the totally sweet, totally muscly, totally metal mofo that I love so fing much lol :P Keep rocking dude, you deserve even better.

by sykodellik; ; Report

Muscular metal yet sweet =) thank you, that means a lot. Love you too! I will do that and glad you think that!

by Hesher666; ; Report