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"sorry ive been dead im back now"

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i luvluvluuuv doing stuff, im always engrossed in a new hobby which usually involves making something. i like collecting trash, knitting, drawing/painting/any art form, guitar, photography, exploring (esp abandoned buildings), GHOST/CRYPTID HUNTING!!!! (i am VERY big on anything paranormal) i absolutely fucking adore anything strange and unusual or odd. i love anything uncanny. i like creepypasta. i like analog horror (the walten files, the mandela catalogue, etc) teeth teeth teeth. i love teeth. i also love vulture culture and honestly just spooky stuff as a whole. i also love collecting stuff like a crow, and im a biology freak. i own a lot of weird haunted books n other trinkets. im also super into old media, records, cassette tapes, vhs tapes, crt tvs, old gaming consoles, etc. i like role play shit like d&d. also clowns. and the unexplainable 

i love podcasts. stuff like the magnus archives, canp here and there, welcome to nightvale, and the occasional true crime podcast. i also like long video essays and documentaries 

games i enjoy because theres no game section???: Sallyface, Night in The Woods, FNAF, BATIM, The Cat Lady, any other indie/horror games. i do indulge in roblox and other silly gamez though :p


music is a major part of ny personality n i like all sortz of stuff. mostly loser music. 

i like genres like: indie, metal, rock, punk, folkpunk, alternative, midwest emo and probably other weird shit i forgot to mention. 

artists i enjoy include (a lot): alex g, tv girl, mitski, will wood, deftones, AJJ, the front bottoms, radiohead, kittie, modern baseball, coma cinema, ghost, car seat headrest, foot ox, meth wax, slipknot, dandelion hands, sign crushes motorist, birth day, crywank, mastodon adrianne lenker, the cure, the smiths

i have a wide variety bcuz i listen to a lot. not a huge pop fan but i dont judge :p


anything weird. also a lot of queer/queer coded media. i mostly gravitate towards horror/indie or sad shit

my favs include: re-animator, heavenly creatures, fantastic mr fox/other wes anderson media, coraline, midsommar

(this list will definitely grow when i remember more shit) 


same description as movies

i like scott pilgrim takes off, hilda, moral orel, bojack horseman, i am not okay with this, the end of the f***ing world, skins, my little pony (???????), moomins, DHMIS, gravity falls, sweet tooth

(this list will also grow) 


fuck i cant read. i love comics though. ive got a weird obsession with garfield and i love comics like long exposure n stuff. the welcome to nightvale books are good though, and i honestly mostly read queer or horror media. does poetry count????? i often read weird poetry books from like the 1920s i find in thrift stores or trash bins


will toledo. alex giannascoli. mitski. probably just a bunch of music people

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About me:

hey my name is skunk :3 but i go by a couple other shitz too. i am not a who, i am a what. a who requires a degree of identity i cant ever retain. ;3 don't add me if u dont wanna/arent gonna talk to me i get confused :[ my pronouns are they/them and i have autism and probably worms and/or rats in my brain as well. i will rant for agez about my special interests/hyperfixations and i am very willong to pick up/indulge in other people's special interests/hyperfixations. i love unsettling people and acting like a silly goose. i ramble a lot as u can probably tell. i may bite but i am still super friendly so hmu if u want :)  

special interests: the magnus archives, sally face, cryptids/the strange and unusual

(my account is very bare ill fix it later) 

Who I'd like to meet:

like-minded folkz/anyone with mutual interests, or just lonely people in general. bigotz fuck off 

also currently looking for d&d players!! 

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tma fan spotted 🫵🫵

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Cool Person Detected [love ur musical taste]

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