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ACE ATTORNEY!!!, FNAF!!, Genshin Impact, Pjsekai, Omori, Cirque Du Freak, Splatoon, Monster Prom, Portal 1+2 :333, Undertale, Minecraft (I don't watch mcyts of any kind), Fran Bow, Neuroscience, if the song sounds familiar it's the options menu from Mario Kart Wii yes I know I love it too


Couldn't give you a straight answer but I really like Everlong - Foo Fighters and PΓ‘ DΓ³nde Se Fue - Mon Laferte


FNAF (I can't remember any movies I have watched sorry)


Sk8 the Infinity, Steven Universe, Stranger Things, OK K.O., The Promised Neverland, Sailor Moon, I honestly am forgetting everything I have watched ever but I swear I've watched more


corque du freak plase. Honestly I like reading a lot but not a lot of books particularly stuck out to me except for Cirque Du Freak even though the fandom died out in like 2009 please help.,


Me, Phoenix Wright, Sans (from Undertale) (The guy from Undertale) (Skeleton from the hit game Undertale by Toby Fox), Phoenux Wright, Breaking BAd

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Thick Skeleton Skull

Hi everyone !! My name is Apollo, I'm currently hyperfixated on Ace Attorney and am playing Apollo Justice (DD). I love it so much please im me if you play and want to talk about it I'd cry. I am 13 years old, so please be mindful. Anyways did you guys know I'm Phoenix Wright the real <3

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I specifically look for people who have similar interests as me but honestly I'm open to talking to anyone that can hold a convo

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