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i like video games, emo stuff, lolita fashion, writing (in my notes app, texts, for my video game, in my journal that isnt even daily, and more!), reading, learning about things like drugs, scars, bodily harm, nerves... i enjoy learning about how to help with them---i want to be some sort of doctor (i know what i just typed out sounded kinda creepy, tho, but i swear im alright enough of a person to become one) also, learning about things related to nuclear science, quantum mechanics, chemistry, marine biology is very fun to me! i like watching videos related to these sciences on youtube, along with things like video essays (STEVEM, CJ the X, Clark Elieson, Wendigoon, etc.), vlogs [caroline ricke, jay skullz (who also makes study with mes), teslond, @barrashik (teslond's current fiance. sorry, im learning russian, but i don't know enough to write down her username, which is in russian, and fully understand it, so im using her english @), etc.], analog horror/videos about old media that turn out to be creepy, and more! some videos that to me seem relevant about what type of profession i want to have in the future are both made my Wendigoon: his video on the topic of hisashi ouchi and his video on the topic of gloria ramirez my fave video game series are portal and splatoon---but, ENA is about to continue in the form of a video game called Dream BBQ, which might turn into one of my favorite video games. i also like gran turismo (ive only ever played #4), tekken 7, dead souls, legend of zelda (im in the middle of twilight princess, windwaker, and tears of the kingdom rn... my favorites might be phantom hourglass and minish cap), animal crossing (acnh + pocket camp), the jet set radio series, the sonic series (ESPECIALLY sonic riders), and more


ayesha erotica, mitski, lana del rey, the cure, the smiths, jack off jill, mitski, odetari, vivivivivi, poor man's poison, talkshow boy, GRLwood, crumb the band, mcr, fob, zorrovian (you can find his music on his youtube channel of the same name!!), paramore, black veiled brides, car seat headrest (the frontman of the band, will toledo, is on my pfp), cibo matto, hideki naganuma, the gazette, mccafferty, the front bottoms, JCPORTALS (you can find music on his youtube channel of the same name!!), balming tiger, metallica, se so neon, bts, shinee, txt, riize, red velvet, newjeans, kiss of life, [more kpop groups/soloists], pinkpantheress, flo, deftones, talking heads, and more that ill add later


ghost in the shell (1995), the SAW series, and more that ill add later


the bear, RESERVATIONS DOGS RAHHHHH!!!!, SUITS, house of lies, community, its always sunny in philadelphia, 6teen, gilmore girls, abbott elementary, mlp, ruby gloom, dont hug me im scared, the midnight gospel, rottmnt, NANA, bungou stray dogs, fruits basket (the latest, not the original), mononoke (NOT princess mononoke. mononoke, the story with kusuriuri), bleach (havent finished original yet, but started thousand year blood war anyway), saiki k, and more that ill add later


specifics: dear martin (+ dear justyce, the sequel), otherwordly barbara (more volume 1 than 2), dead souls by nikolai gogol, and more that ill add later. i typically read a lot of eastern european literature, along with manga and novels that come from around the world. an author that im excited to read more of is john berger. im currently reading a lot of books/series, but two that im miserable with putting a pause on are percy jackson heroes of olympus book one and a book called "Where Are Your Boys Tonight?:THE ORAL HISTORY OF EMO'S MAINSTREAM EXPLOSION 1999-2008" by Chris Payne that recently came out!


yuto horigome, hideki naganuma, anthony bourdaine, Joel G, Gerard Way, frank iero, and more that ill add later

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About me:

hi! im a minor, and i made this account to post about a video game that I'm making.

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who wants to talk to me!! or tell me about stuff they want me to check out (like songs, movies, shows, etc.) ALSO- anyone who knows what ENA by Joel G is! and people who like any one of the interests that i listed in the boxes below, people who enjoy emo stuff, and people who would like to infodump about their interests with me

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sorry for adding back late !!

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youre fine!!

by ☆~Puos!~☆; ; Report

youre fine!!

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youre fine!!

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the spamming was on accident...

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hii thank you for addin me!! im so sorry for accepting late

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no problem, thank you for accepting my request :]

also, dont worry about replying late!

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