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Video Games (Nintendo and Playstation)☆Flash Games☆Webkinz☆Club Penguin☆Resident Evil☆Undertale☆Minecraft☆Stardew Valley☆Animal Crossing☆Butterfly Effect Games☆SNES☆Castlevania☆Mario☆Danganronpa☆The Last of Us☆Sims 3☆Pheonix Wright☆Legend of Zelda☆Corpse Party☆Artsy Fartsy☆Drawing☆Painting☆Crochet☆Photography☆Music☆Cartoons☆Pink☆Spooky Scary☆Ghostface☆Kakashi☆Leon S. Kennedy


Savage Garden☆Darren Hayes☆Video Game Soundtracks☆Pop Punk☆Lofi☆Muse☆Green Day☆Weezer☆Melanie Martinez☆Ghost☆90s Pop☆2000s Alternative☆The Cranberries☆Classical☆The Beatles☆Poppy☆Marian Hill☆Chill stuff I'd like to *partake* too☆Nintendo Soundtracks☆Baby Metal☆SOME Kpop


Scream☆The Truman Show☆Forrest Gump☆Harry Potter☆Disney/Pixar☆Horror in General☆IT☆The Great Gatsby☆Saw☆Silent Hill☆trick R Treat☆Nightmare Before Christmas☆Coraline☆Midsommar☆Mother!


Parks and Rec☆South Park☆Bob's Burgers☆MLP☆Monster High☆Anime☆Gilmore Girls☆Regular Show☆Anime☆Naruto☆Toyko Mew Mew☆


Harry Potter☆The Great Gatsby☆Manga☆I promise there's more books I've read...I just can't think of my favorites lol


Leon S. Kennedy☆Kakashi☆Ghostface☆My Man

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About me:

Hi, I'm Ren! She/Her pronouns☆Autistic and ADHD☆Bisexual☆23☆I like a mix of cutesy kawaii things, and spooky horror things!☆Inside you are two wolves... I want to make more friends with like-minded interests! I really like video games. I grew up playing the DS and the Wii. (Shoutout to playing Just Dance on the Wii while my parents were on the brink of divorce lmao) I love Resident Evil 4 (Leon is one of my biggest man crushes), Animal Crossing, Mario, Stardew Valley, Until Dawn, Life is Strange, Undertale, Detroit Become Human, Danganronpa, and more! I also love anything artistic. Painting, drawing, polymer clay, photography, crocheting, anything! I've recently finally started looking into cosplay and doing my makeup. I also get really nostalgic for flash type games (shout out to the Polly Pocket and Barbie games, you guys carried) and online games like Webkinz and Club Penguin. I always had an interest in horror movies, but even more so as of late! Love me some Silent Hill, Saw, IT, Trick R Treat, and Scream! (Ghostface is another of my many fictional man crushes) RIP to my lost Nintendo dogs I will not add anyone who is under 18! I do not want to be friends with minors, I'm sorry!

Who I'd like to meet:

Frens☆Fictional Men PLEASE DON'T SEND A FRIEND REQUEST IF YOU ARE UNDER 18! Nothing against you teens! I just don't feel comfortable talking to you guys as a grown adult. I want ADULT friends who relate to ADULT things. Sorry TT

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Neat page!

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TY! ^.^

by Ren; ; Report


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hiiiiii!! ty for accepting my friend request!! u seem super cool, i love ur profile :3!

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Hi there!!! Tysm! And ofc! I want to make more friends with simular interests as me on here.
Pleaseeeee don't be afraid to ever dm me! I get shy to dm first, and I'm bad at conversation starters heh. But once you open me up I can go and go and go and go and...yeah hahaha

by Ren; ; Report


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I added you because you seem so nice and have so many interests that I also enjoy. I love your profile set up a lot and I hope we can become friends ₍ᐢ._.ᐢ₎♡ ༘

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Awe omg that is so sweet!! Thank you so much for saying those things. Don't be afraid to dm me anytime :) <3

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