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22 years old and too aware

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DRAWING, inline skating, playing guitar, watching movies, collecting physical media, trying to get my phone screen time to 2 hours, talking to strangers on the internet


Too many bands to list... My top 10 at the moment are probably:

Alice in Chains



The Dandy Warhols

Pearl Jam (only the first two albums)



Bran Van 3000


Massive Attack

Generally I enjoy anything rock adjacent, trip hop, city pop, some folk every now and again...


THE LIGHTHOUSE <3, Donnie Darko, Perfect Blue, Shaun of the Dead, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Singles, The Dollars Trilogy, Beavis and Butthead Do America


Daria, Beavis and Butthead, Smiling Friends, Hell on Wheels, Misfits, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Happy Tree Friends, Clerks the Animated Series, Downtown


A Series of Unfortunate Events, Blood Meridian


Kyle from Animal Crossing

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About me:

I'm so funky fresh I forget to shower every now and again.

Killing time on the internet, I usually work on my art and think about Silent Hill otherwise.

Message me your favourite lava lamp colour combo (mine is purple water and green lava).

Some graphics I like. Enjoy:

Who I'd like to meet:

yo mama

and anyone down to chat about art, music, hobbies... Tell me about your passions!

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thx for the add. your art is really cool.

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Thanks! I love your page!

by monz; ; Report


ⒶndyⒶnarchy's profile picture

Thanks for the add. Your profile is rad ✌️

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Thanks, likewise!

by monz; ; Report


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thx for the add :)

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Likewise! The pics on your page are sick

by monz; ; Report


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Hey DGS!

by monz; ; Report

what's up? how are you?

by DGS; ; Report

I'm ok! Looking forward to finishing my studies for this year. How are you?

by monz; ; Report

good, I'm off work for a while... what are you studying?

by DGS; ; Report

Ah I imagine the break would be nice, what do you work as? I'm studying motion design and screen studies, really appreciating my good eyesight as it is now before it disintegrates from looking at a computer screen 24/7 haha.

by monz; ; Report

I'm a teacher. My school has a fall break. My summer is a little shorter to make up for it, but it's the perfect compromise.

Motion design and screen studies sounds interesting... dumb question because I'm old, but do you mean like computer graphics and animation and stuff like that?

by DGS; ; Report

Teaching is swell. I've heard from people who go into other fields that they get thrown off by lack the lack of breaks and routine that a regular school schedule provides.

Pretty much, it's just like graphic design but for screens (like title sequences, kinetic typography, infographic-y videos). I'm currently doing a unit involving design for VR and projection mapping, fun stuff. Screen studies is my other major which is all just film/TV theory basically.

by monz; ; Report

Yes... teaching is exhausting and draining, but it is nice having breaks. Your studies sound interesting... good luck with everything!

by DGS; ; Report


August's profile picture

love the page, i gotta see some of your art

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Thanks! I’ll probably chuck some stuff up in a running blog post soon. Your art is sick btw!

by monz; ; Report


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Dude wtf we have so much in common. I'm in love with this pge

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Hell yeah! Love your page too it’s so cozy :)

by monz; ; Report