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"Probably reading."

Born and raised in UK london, I have a cat named Zara.

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Blink 182 Simple Plan Eminem Fall Out Boys Linkin Park xxxtentacion Zuhair Raxxstar Juice world


Exorcist Chuck Pursuit of happiness Pokemon movies One piece The Nuns And lots of other horror movies


Friends Big bang theory Two and a half men One piece Animes lots


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About me:

Hey thanks for visiting! Add me I'm looking for friends and people to talk to :D I Love horror movies Animes and my sense of humour is lame as hell.

Who I'd like to meet:

Leonardo decaprio Elon Musk Brian sanders Big bang theory cast Charlie sheen Lmao.

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You have a cool page!

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Madison Brown

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Hey Jamad!
Thanks for the add!

Your first 4 in your music section are EVERYTHING to me. Lol. Love your taste in music!

Thanks again for the add!



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:D finally someone else that has good taste in music, you know my entire life people told me my music sucks, what's your favourite blink song?

by Jamad; ; Report

lol.. Feeling This, Always, After Midnight, & Up All Night.

What about you?!

by Madison Brown; ; Report

Feeling this is my favorite.
Miss You is a close second although I try not to listen to it else I end up remembering every single ex lmao

by Jamad; ; Report

Have you heard their new singles One More Time & More Than You Know?! .. they're soo goodd!! lol.

by Madison Brown; ; Report

lol.. hahah. yeah, I like I Miss You too!

by Madison Brown; ; Report

Yess I have, was so excited when It came out another song I like from them that is pretty is Dark Side although it's a little happier:D Wow connecting with someone based on music feels great first time for me

by Jamad; ; Report

thats awesome!! .. yeah! Im so excited for their album dropping on the 20th!! :)) Can't wait!

by Madison Brown; ; Report

I also like Not Now by Blink.. what Simple Plan songs & Eminem songs do you like? .. I love I'd Do Anything.. No Pants, No Helmets, ..Just Balls like was like my life in the early 2000s. lmao.. Simple Plan was the 2nd band I ever rocked out to. lmao. .. & then I'd listen to The Eminem Show (also around that time.. when I was like 13) like 2 & 3 times a day then. lmao. Sing for the Moment is one of my fav songs off that album.

by Madison Brown; ; Report

& the Fall Out Boy is my fav band. EVER!. lol. From Under the Cork Tree is the most influential album of my life. lol. .. are you excited for the new Blink album too?!

by Madison Brown; ; Report

*** No Pads.. lmao.

by Madison Brown; ; Report

I listened to almost every one of Eminem's old songs, hmm best ones for me were Beautiful, superman, and The Way I Am, with special mention to Evil deeds. BLINK ARE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM WTF? FOR REAL holy I thought they were done 100% now.

by Jamad; ; Report

No, man. Oct. 20th their new album drops.. thats why they just released those few new singles.. Im pretty sure the album is called One More Time. & I knowwww!! isnt it so awesome!! Im soo excited about it! .. I also love The Way I am by Eminem. .. & then of course Stan. & Then The Real Slim Shady is the reason I am the person I am today. lmao. hahaha. I was like 9 when it came out & Eminem was everything then. hahaha.. yeah all his classics. for sureee. but yeah, about the Blink album! so excited! lol.

by Madison Brown; ; Report


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Nice music :3

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suddenly, kittens!

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hiya c: thx for the req! nice to meet you :D

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:D your welcome your mustache will never not make me smile

by Jamad; ; Report

thank you! :3

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report