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"crying and procrastinating"

consumer of time and occupier of space

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> Stoicism x Buddhism
> Feng Shui
> Tarot
> Neocities
> Movies
> Boardgames/ Cardgames
> Modding
> Tabletop Role-Playing Games
> Psychology x Religion
> Esperanto
> Guitar
> Prayer Beads
> Animals, living and dead
> Genealogy
> Badminton
> The surreal and absurd
> Esotericism and Spiritualism (not the new-age kind)
> Game Theory
> Stargazing and Skygazing


> Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II
> Card Hunter
> Into the Breach
> Gremlins, Inc.
> NEO Scavenger
> Duelyst II
> Crusader Kings III
> Tabletop Simulator
> Human Resource Machine
> Raft
> Worms Revolution
> Political Animals
> Railbound
> Stardew Valley


> Illusion - Illusion 1978


>American Beauty

>Snatch (2000)
>Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
>The Nightmare Before Christmas
>Fight Club
>The Platform
>Monty Python's Life of Brian

>The Boondock Saints
>Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
>The World's End
>Fargo (1996)
>Little World of Don Camillo (1952)
>The Thing (1982)
>In Bruges
>Brazil (1985)
>Pan's Labyrinth
>Sin City
>Barton Fink
>Orgazmo (1997)
>Blue Velvet (1986)
>Dr. Strangelove
>The Grand Budapest Hotel


> Star Wars: The Clone Wars
> Rubbadubbers
> Little Britain
> Mountain Monsters
> All kinds of Animal Documentaries
> Mr. Rossi (Signor Rossi)
> Danger Mouse (1981)
> Les Shadoks (1968)
> Twin Peaks
> The Muppet Show
> Better Call Saul



>The Comedian

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Comedian's Blurbs

About me:

A man was sitting on his own
The man was truly all alone
Gazing up right at the moon
Shining light into his room

When the moonlight hit his eye
The man, he couldn’t help but cry
Once the man began to sob
The man, he couldn’t even stop

For two weeks, the man, he cried
So much, that he nearly died
After that, quickly began
Him going to work again

When at work, the man was fun
Even though his tears had run
Across his face, down on his shirt
The man, he really was disturbed

‘Why, oh, why?’ the man, he squealed
Trying to keep his pain concealed
‘I must seek help; I must be treated!’
The man exclaimed, fairly defeated

Soon, he seeked a man named Cain
Who said he could fix the man again
Then Cain observed ‘You must go see
The greatest clown: Pagliacci!’

‘But please…’ the man began to mourn
‘I am already quite forlorn.
Now I am finally let down,
For me, myself, I am the clown’

Who I'd like to meet:

They should be about 3 years old, 2 meters tall and have an interest in the nuclear armament of Pakistan and the Rubbadubbers.

Who I am:

I am 253 years old, but I am turning 254 in a few weeks. Professionally I steal pigs and procrastinate.

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Angel Dust

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here to remind my favorite silly wood plank that theyre slay asf.

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by Comedian; ; Report

Angel Dust

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it’s the comedian! my favorite comedian ong ong!!

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Ong? You are my favourite silly goose too!

by Comedian; ; Report


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the comedian has made many new friends on spacehey ..

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And I am DMing them all

by Comedian; ; Report


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:D fellow feng shui enjoyer?

by Comedian; ; Report


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by Comedian; ; Report

i jest

by lem.iso; ; Report

i accept your apology and expect a bouquet

by Comedian; ; Report

check your front door

by lem.iso; ; Report