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"if you dont have a date, celebrate."

hi! im 18 and speak eng & turkish!

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my main interests include: Chainsaw Man, Fire Punch, Evangelion and FLCL! i really like rpg games and visual novels. :>


tv girl, mitski, El Curateto De Nos, lovejoy, fiona apple, lemon demon, alex g, roar, Beabadoobee and evelyn evelyn.


Everything Everywhere All At Once // Into the Spider-Verse // Midsommar // Girl, Interrupted // Mid 90's //


Community, Moral Orel, and Adventure Time !!! :33


Chainsaw Man, Fire Punch, My Broken Mariko, Blue Period, Blue Flag, Evangelion, and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.


danny pudi, donald glover, my highschool art teacher who quit after a semester, wilbur soot and especially ESPECIALLY Jerma985, Markiplier, Ludwig, and Technoblade.

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About me:

☆ hey! im iscariot! any pros, they/them preferred. ☆ i like to draw! i love to see art too! please share ur artwork with me, i love seeing new art :] i try to write daily blogs! uu ☆ ENFP ~ VIRGO

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Who I'd like to meet:

Like minded people who like creating things, being passionate, and such :33 anyone really! id prefer if you were 16+ ! dm me and lets exchange discords!

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I love the new layout! It looks like a visual manifestation of the genre jazz. It just looks so homey!

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thank you it’s a premade layout!!! It’s by icytea, my last layout was by them too! ^^
I was thinking about changing it though, it seems a bit hard to read the blog titles!

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heyy :3 i love the vibe of your layout (^▿^)

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HEYY!!! ^^ thank you i love ur layout too!!! the randal pfp too omg :]]]

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ur super cool!! tysm for adding me!!! :3

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OFC!! u seem v cute and cool I can’t wait to interact more!!!! ^^

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

lucy ☆

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HAIII!! ty 4 accepting my add :D

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HELLO!!!! and ofc ^^ <3

by ISCARIOT; ; Report


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HEY!!! omg I love fire punch, csm and My Broken Mariko too!!! I was so excited to see your Togata pfp ehehhe

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HELLO!!! omg i got excited abt YOUR ENTIRE PAGE, NAME, PFP N ALL!! ^^ we share so many interests ahhh cant wait to talk to ur more <3

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

Yes!! I play minecrafft and sdv too !

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hii you have super cool tastes and your profile reminded me that i need to start reading fire punch

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by ISCARIOT; ; Report

i've loved everything i've read by fujimoto so far so i'm pretty sure i'll love it as well

by Luciel; ; Report


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Your layout is so cool!!! 10/10 music taste too :))

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waahhhh thank you ^^ yours is nice too :DDD

by ISCARIOT; ; Report


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i spy a fellow fiona apple fan

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CORRECT!!!! fiona apple so good for my brain fr

by ISCARIOT; ; Report


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Sweet page!

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thank you! ^^

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Togata PFP is goated. Best boy and my fav character from Fire Punch!

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THANK YOU!!!! i relate to him a lot fs best boy from fire punch!! your pfp is ALSO INCREDIBLY GOATED. MANA SAMA FROM MALICE MIZER?? i just recently started listening to their music !! ^^

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🎀🍰🍓mimi 🍮🦴🎧

🎀🍰🍓mimi 🍮🦴🎧's profile picture

thank u sm 4 the add !!!
♡  '. (。・ω・)(・ω・。) ' ♡

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ofc thank u for accepting ^^ <33

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Aster ♡

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tysm for adding ^_^ your layout is so nice to look at!1!

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thank you!!! ^^ ☆☆☆

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TYSM FOR ADDING ME!! you seem super chill and your layout is soo cool oh my goodness

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OFC THANK U AS WELL!!! u seem just as cool and chill!!! and im hyped to see what other artworks ull make and see what else we'll chat abt :DDDD !!!!

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Thx 4 the add! also ur profile is nice to look at (¯▿¯)

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thank u!! :DD urs was so unique lol and i love ur naota pfp!! ^^

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