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♥ singing, acting, writing, listening to music (old or new old haha), antiques, thrifting, y2k and 2000s fashion, playing videogames (such as the sims 2 and 3, fnaf, minecraft, assassin's creed,alice: madness returns, fran bow, life is strange, sally face, slayers x, kingdom come, ...), the outer space, playing guitar, batman universe, skateboarding, psychology, silent hill, supernatural, lps, sonic the hedgehog, liminal spaces, crystals, tim burton movies, classic literature, tmnt, fashion, cults, internet nostalgia and history, exploring new places and things ♥ tumblr-4e4eb37fa0a4241f1fbefcdc966b714d-3491bd70-400


i ♥ mcr, avril lavigne, senses fail, 6arelyhuman, girl pusher, linkin park, acid bath, evanescence, vylet pony, the used, picture me broken, a vain attempt, fnaf songs, signal the escape, skye sweetnam, rutka laskier, the academy is..., stevie nicks, fleetwood mac, blur, nirvana, everclear, pierce the veil, emilie autumn, nine inch nails, alien ant farm, chiodos, millionaires, korn, limp bizkit, green day, the sims 2 music and much more ♥ image


♥ my all time favourites have to be romeo and juliet (1968), cabaret (1972) and thirteen (2003) ♥ tumblr-96441b59de0530f7f49b75bb6d9d1423-4325b7a0-400


♥ doctor who, skins, beverly hills 90210, tmnt, gotham, ahs, degrassi, the sims 2 machinimas and much more ♥ ezgif-1-39430cf43d


♥ wuthering heights, sge, hamlet, dracula and fanfics X3 ♥ tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280


♥ my chemical romance ♥ tumblr-16def8e3652b1fdb6993241115fa1346-2f58d1ab-500

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♥ hi i'm zoey and i love everything emo, alt and spooky ♥ favourite occults: vampires, aliens, witches, fallen angels, clowns ♥


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♥ people who like similar things as i do and are fun to talk to ♥ feel free to msg me i'd love to meet new people! ♥ tumblr-b1d0dcdd3e9af72419360fb65076ed48-e5d2803c-400 tumblr-e23e5a36f81ac48d70907837e6c2981e-e9af1d69-100 tumblr-cd22a572866e426849c0f9194e7c905c-d617002d-100 tumblr-7d12ee4c276e25af81f0ca025f9df41e-9e82f575-100 tumblr-61f2b44ccbd95f2e605236f4de639c99-b42843e1-250 tumblr-b1d0dcdd3e9af72419360fb65076ed48-e5d2803c-400 tumblr-b1d0dcdd3e9af72419360fb65076ed48-e5d2803c-400 i-love-my-computer-stamp-by-taryn-syndrome tumblr-pbffcs5mpm1xz2nuuo6-100 pink-stamp-by-ftourini tumblr-pgf5mzpwtc1xzybrpo2-100 37415evfhgpai7u tumblr-pavzye1-Cr01wiuymwo1-250 tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 tumblr-p65xsqx-XBo1te4ajdo4-100 tumblr-pbbaqr-Nazy1xz2nuuo9-100 tumblr-pbbaqr-Nazy1xz2nuuo2-100 tumblr-inline-om9m6y9-Gq-S1sl4v1e-500 hk34 0UNAXwj tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 i-love-blaze-stamp-by-blazes-stamps-d48vqd0-fullview tumblr-pgef2u-Zb-KY1xzybrpo2-100 tumblr-adf69c73b904dd2fdf7c833e79d61c2d-1d3e4a40-250 tumblr-inline-pe6llam-Hi-O1v11djx-1280 1564181t14241bxnn tumblr-p2gu34g-Tvy1wclo4ko2-250 tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 tumblr-pgef2u-Zb-KY1xzybrpo1-100 mh-draculaura-by-ellisstampcollection-d4r4p9x-fullview collar tumblr-pbbaqr-Nazy1xz2nuuo8-100 tumblr-inline-paqwsxh-HZC1sgdnm9-540 tumblr-p8rb9xt-Mfu1xtxh11o5-250 tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 adventure-funtime-foxy-stamp-by-stellar-robotics-dc1yaco-fullview i5v-B9a-Hrw-WG19 i54pd4-d32uszb-db7d505f-dd41-4c64-8bf9-9ab3eb68b0c4 i5-Jlq-F-hot-topic 1834807q2cjqpp2xm tumblr-inline-p3x3lhf-Ujh1u4yu7g-540 tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 d4gp0rk-78efe5ac-a978-40ab-a752-61ebc0a2d9ed fcf47dbf0a89d9590f00089b26667e86 dei1hz5-a31374b7-b416-4069-9924-05eb84e32e2e dark-and-girly-stamp-by-stampmakerlkj-d6154qa-fullview tumblr-p8ra79h-Lx-H1xtxh11o4-250 bZWkxwk tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280 ad2720df 1958530te2chmztha dd5ehpc-835c6097-fdd7-4983-9d1a-beaaa2ce5ca1 252731rd2czu7vk5 tumblr-static-2m89dgq6gx4w4swc80400sws tumblr-994f1373c39134980e15974c66cb6b3d-6a62938c-1280

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This is a cool profile!

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Ur profile & music is sooo cool i luv it ^^

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THANK UUUUU :3 urs is still the sickest tho the vibes are there <333

by x._.zoeYnsan1ty._.x; ; Report

Marquis of Vaudeville🗝

Marquis of Vaudeville🗝's profile picture

Great page and music tastes!

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Sunny Castform

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thx for the add!! I love ur layout! 💖

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aa ty <3

by x._.zoeYnsan1ty._.x; ; Report


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I love the sims 3 music omg!! X3

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omg yezzz the darkwave station also mcr haha what's your favourite from sims 3?

by x._.zoeYnsan1ty._.x; ; Report


by Aryluvsmochi; ; Report

oh definitely the main theme like damN<3 honestly generally most of the radio stations are super bopz i can't choose just one altough there is the city grrrl song that just always gets stuck in my head for several dayz lol :DD

by x._.zoeYnsan1ty._.x; ; Report

Thoughts on the loading screen song? I love it!! :D

by Aryluvsmochi; ; Report

veeery nostalgic <3 and i always liked to do that little find "this" minigame XDD

by x._.zoeYnsan1ty._.x; ; Report