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MAIN INTERESTS ARE MUSIC X3 !!! I don't have that much of a interests hehe, but if you ask me I'm REALLY into music :D! I'm a fan of Rebzyyx tehee!! Oh if fandoms I do have some. I Love Welcome Home, Little Nightmare (LN), Obey Me, Trigun Stampede. I would LOVE to join any fandoms tho hehe, and I'm also looking for new fandoms to join :').


Metal : Kingslayer (feat. BABYMETAL) by Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL, Dear Diary by Bring Me The Horizon, The End (feat. BABYMETAL) by Lil Uzi Vert and BABYMETAL, Master Of Puppets by Metallica, Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold, Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold, Doing Time by Avenged Sevenfold, Duality by Slipknot, The Only Thing I fear Is You by Necromophic Despair, Wildfire by Necromophic Despair. Rock : Everlong Foo Fighters, I Don't Wanna Be Me by Type O negative, Unholly Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold, Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence, A Match Into Water by Pierce The Veil, A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold, Stupid MF by Mindless Self Indulgence, Monster by Skillet, Sonne by Rammstein, Beautiful Is Boring by BONES UK. Goth : Cancer by My Chemical Romance, Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Shoegaze: Need 2 by Pinegrove, Brian Is The Most Beautiful by Memo Boy, Poison Tree by Grouper, Break by Aabhi, NOT THAT I'M ANYWHERE by Cities Aviv, How To Never Stop Being Sad by dandelion hands, memories (Sped Up) by leadwave, hope to see you again by Antent, This Feeling Will Pass by Take Care, New Person Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala, Sarah by Alex G, Jacob and the Stone by Emile Mosseri, Your face by Wisp, Leave by Whirr, I'd Stay Here Forever If I Could by Preston Bell, Avalon by Zeruel, Pretend by alex g online, snarky by quannic. Scenecore : (Mostly Rebzyyx's music) I'm tired of this, I deserve this, Painforever, I'm so crazy for youuu 3, daydreaming, I'm so fed up please help me, you don't love me, skinny, jealousy. (non Rebzyyx)> Ferrari by Alice Gas, puke my gutzz O_o, Little Kandi Raver 2012 by S3RL, toxic by d3r; 6arelyhuman; Proz, be my bad b! by kets4eki; Proz, butterflies by kets4eki; KidSnorlax; Pixel Hood, every single day by kets4eki; Proz, barbie slt by kets4eki; 6arelyhuman; Proz; Pixel Hood.


I don't watch movies.. DX but I'm really interested in atsv (Across the Spider Verse) !! X3


I live in Cartoon network hehe!! :D I like running man, We Bear Bears, Power Puff Girls, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Bluey (???).


I love Comics and mangas but sadly I don't have any manga :'(


I DON'T HAVE ANYYYY PERHAPS MILES MORALES AND HOBIE (ik hobie isn't a hero but yk yk) tbh anything related with atsv

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Thick Skeleton Skull


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I don't have any specific friend that I'm looking for, and everyone is welcome! If you're interested with me Chat me on Insta!! (it's on my links). I Have some boundaries that you have to know! XT. I'm not comfortable with talking about my past, especially my relationship, I'm trying to move on lolol. I'm okay with suggestive jokes, in fact I'm also often use suggestive jokes, but please don't take it too far. I'm not looking for any kind of romantic relationship, I have trauma with it lol even if I'm the one who caused it but I'm not interested in any romance. I often isolate myself, and I'm not online on social media that much, so please have patient when talking to me. That's all, I'll keep an update if I have more! I hope that we can be good friends X3 BYE LOVELIESS MUACHH!! XOXO.

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Since no one said it, YOUR PFP IS SO FUN, it sucks the interest in to read all of it, the fonts.. the colors.. the theme.. the layout... ITS ALSO COOOL!!

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AHAAA THANK YOUUU!! I'm new to this website so I'm still learning new things tho.. I'm also taking inspiration from other ppl profiles haha! Although I still have quite a lot trouble with it.. But thank you so much!! ^w^

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