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"Singing songs that make me slit my wrists"

15, Scenemo, zombie or vampire, German, i am frank iero..

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Gerard Way is my GF: Gerd Way is my pookie: Gerard Gay: I <3 Gerd: GERD: I love PTV so much, I wish Mexicans were real: I love SIO so much, I wish Floridians were real: Frank Iero is a BOY KISSER: Gerard Way 4 President 2024: My fave twink...Frank Iero: free kisses, only for Gerd: I H8 GENSHINERS: i <3 twinks: i <3 women: "This song is about sucking d!ck for cocaine": Gerard way? more like gerard SLAY: Gerard Arthur Way: She was a sk8ter boi, said c u l8ter boi:


Mindless self indulgence, My chemical Romance, Brokencyde, Dot dot curve, Millionaires, The left rights, slipknot, deftones, S3RL, the killers, Kittie, Attack! Attack!, KoRn, LMFAO, Fallout boy, insane clown posse, Alex G, Nirvana, Nickasaur!, The Used, Dazey and the scouts, ghost town, foo fighters, Leathermouth, pencey prep, pisse, Limp Bizkit, NOFX, starbomb, GRLwood, Machine girl, Destroy boys, sum 41, creepP, panic! at the disco, get scared, pierce the veil, falling in reverse, the oozes, Rob zombie, talking heads, between the buried and me, nero's day at disneyland, goreshit, dayverteq,


Dawn of the dead, House of wax, 28 days later, Red eye, lost boys, Jennifers body, night of the living dead, Us, Texas chainsaw massacre, Carrie, q quiet place (1 and 2), Life on the murder scene lolzz!!, Scream, American phsycho, spree, the exorcist, scary stories to tell in the dark, batman begins, scary movie, scream 3, Deathgasm, BaseKetball, superbad and silent hill and Watching The Detectives!! XD Transparent Sexy Pink Heart


South park, Clone high, Peaky blinders, ways of the house husband, big mouth (Mehh) saiki k, umbrella academy, invader zim, jackass, impractical jokers, the dahmer series (I dont like it that much but meh) Breaking bad, the walking dead, sailor moon and smiling friends X3


Were are your boys tonight?, The diary of Anne Frank, Any books about Kurt Cobain, The true lives of he fabulous Killjoys, Komi cant communicate and the umbrella academy ! :P


Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Cillian Murphy, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, oompaville, Morbidforfun, tuv, Jimmy Urine (Plzzz dont hate mee) James Williams, James a janisse, Oneyplays, Danny Gonzalez, Kurtis Conner, Kurt Cobain, Jonathan Davis, Ryan an Shane from Buzzfeed, James Munky Shaffer,

Funko POP! Rocks: Korn - Jonathan Davis

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About me:

Frank iero is me In my restless dreams i dream of that town.. Silent Hill Ich liebe gedankenlose Selbstgefälligkeit und meine chemische Romantik X3 Uhhh hi im Gerard i like drawing, music, horror movies and stuffff. Im 15 and German (And part Irish) My biggest flex is that i have the same birthday as Jonathan Davis and that i was named after Gerard Way .. Yea i know its a little weird but blame my dad his elder emo shit XD a:hover { color: grey; }

Who I'd like to meet:

I wanna meet more mcr fans that have discorddddd :3 Bats-png-by-jarofmoths-on-Tumblr

I7SMs33 UVcSUqZ blinkies-Cafe-m-O he-was-a-punk blinkies-Cafe-BN-1 blinkies-Cafe-sf blinkies-Cafe-Sb blinkies-Cafe-Qx highschool 5by1-Rc-70424daa1ddfecc62e4cc6bf73abcbf1b2ddbfe3-gifv blinkies-Cafe-yl zGMnVss ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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I took ur advice- i got spacehey and this website rockz its awesome

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told you sooo!! x3

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Super cool page!

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omg tysmm u toooo ;D

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Hiii! 💜🩵🩷

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Hiiii :3

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