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"not really active srry"

he/she ☆ italy ☆ 18 ☆ infj

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☆ sheeps, books, fashion, flowers, history, literature, museums, nature, night, old media, photography, vintage, ghosts


☆ cooking, baking, crocheting, drawing, learning new things, writing, playing videogames, journaling, try every form of art


☆ Angels of death, Anonymous noise, Arte, Attack No.1, Attacker You,Akagami no Shirayuki hime, Bungou stray dogs, Coraline, Corpse bride, Devilman crybaby, Gravity falls, Hazbin hotel, Helluva boss, Inside job, Lovely Sara, Juuni taisen, Kishuku gakkou no juliet, Koe no katachi, Kuroshitsuji, Kotura-san, Metal family, My neighbour Totoro, Nana, Pollon, Ponyo, Pucca, Romeo x Juliet, Steven Universe, Spirited away, She-Ra, Tangled: The Series, The Girl who leapt through time, The owl house, Tre Promised Neverland, Toilet bound Hanako-kun, Totally spies, Violet Evergarden, Wind rises, Your lie in April ☆TO FINISH☆ Anfibia, Aggretsuko, BlendS, Bungou to Alchemist, Detective Conan, Death Parade, Evangelion, Marble Hornets, Miraculous, Nekopara, Panty and Stoking, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Shiki Corpse Demon, Sonic X, Teen Titans, The mandela catalogue, Total Drama, Tokyo Ghoul


☆ Alone, Amanda the explorer, Angels of Death, Ao oni, Baldi's Basics, Bonnie's bakery, Buckshot Roulette, Captain Morgane and the golden turtle, Crimson Snow, DDLC, dere evil.exe, Escaped Chasms, file.exe, FNaF, Fun times with Ayumi, Hungry Lamu, IdentityV, imscared, John Doe, Mad father, Mother, Nii oni, Purgatory, So Blonde, The stanley parable, The stanley parable, Touch detective, Traffic, Undertale, Yandere simulator, IB ☆TO FINISH☆ Deltarune, The witch house, Corpse party


☆ Babymetal, Buck-tick, Caparezza, Crystal castles, Despairs ray, Dir en grey, Goreshit, Gulu gulu, Ic3peak, Kikuo, L'Officina della camomilla, Lacroix Despheres, Lady gaga, Linkin park, Machine girl, Madmans espirit, Malice mizer, Mejibray, Melanie martinez, Mitski, Moi dix mois, Mr.kitty, Ms.isohp romatem, Pastel Ghost, Pierce the veil, Piero Piccioni, Plastic tree, Rory in early 20s, Simone Panetti, System of a down, tThe Gazette, TV girl, Versailles, vocaloid, Xaaxaa, XJAPAN


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DNI LIST: basic DNI criteria(racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableists), RCTA, ECTA, DCTA, MAP, pro/com shippers, zoophiles, misogynists, aphobes, who judges and doesn't respect other people interests, who calls everything "cringe"

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Really neat profile!

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by FxllenKid; ; Report


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you're my hero i hope god give you a chance in the afterlife

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by manu; ; Report