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�Resident evil, Silent hill, Fatal Frame/Project Zero, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Kuon, FIRE EMBLEM!!!!, DBD, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dreadout, Bayonetta, Alissa, Echo night beyond, clock tower, parasite eve, and dino crisis! �

Aside from games, I love Papa meat (The youtuber) and the topics he covers :). I also love topics such as psychology and dinosaurs


�Deftones, SOAD, Ghost BC, Plastic tree, Slowdive, whirr, Superheaven, PANCHIKO!!!, The Smiths..., Radiohead, Foo fighters, Incubus!!, Rob Zombie, Have a nice life, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Korn, ICP, Bring me to the horizon and anything else that sounds like a middle aged man would listen to ?

Machine girl, Mitski, Sign crushes motorists, Title fight, Quannic, Wishing, Life lover, Novulent, Birth day, Alex G, Molchat Doma, Crystal Castles, Mareux, etc ?

But I mostly listen to game soundtracks lmao


PERFECT BLUE <33, Liverleaf, Nge, Blade Runner, Ghost in the shell, Scott pilgrim, Superbad, Classic horror movies ig and like� idk�


Infinite darkness... (SHOCKER!!!), NGE, Serial experiments Lain, ergo proxy


Oyasumi Pun pun, Homunculus, Osamu Dazai books, Crime and punishment-Dostoyevsky, Dracula, Junji Ito collection, and etc! SD perry resident evil, and the expensive asf silent hill books XP�

� I love to read but don't know enough books to...


Leon K!, Cheryl Mason, Yuri Kozukata, Lain Iwakura, and Rei Ayanami<33

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� I love survival horror games <3

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone with similar interests! Cool people XP ? �

Feel free to message me about anything! I'll get back to you as soon as possible! <3 And like Papa meat aka meatcanyon because that'd be awesome

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nice profile :] (slipknot 🔛🔝)

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I love your profile too!!

by Keida; ; Report

Jimmy Jr.

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OMG you listen to Slipknot? That is amazing

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Love them frrr

by Keida; ; Report


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tysm for the add!! i love your profile <3

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TYSMMM I love yours tooooo 🫶🫶🫶

by Keida; ; Report

Night Watch Lover

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Tysm for the add!! :D btw ur layout/profile is so cool!!

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Tysmm your profiles cool tooooo

by Keida; ; Report

Lou ✰

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ty for the add! i love ur profile omg

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No problem! :) Thanks, your profiles awesome too

by Keida; ; Report


dickrider's profile picture

YOUR PROFILE IS SO COOL DUDE U SEEM RLLY COOL U SHOULD TOTALLY BMF!!!! also how did u get ur background to be like only one full pic

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Thx you're awesome too

by Keida; ; Report

Oh and sorry I didn’t see the question Um I don’t know really, found a layout that already had it lmao

by Keida; ; Report


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Thanks for adding me.

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No problem! <3

by Keida; ; Report

wybie ;-;

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resident evil, silent hill and pokemon..? U ARE SO COOL OMGGGGG

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by Keida; ; Report