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"tacticalNecromancer on pesterchum/chumdroid"

any prns // rab*itsP, prospitian Mage of Mind/Heart

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DNI :3c BASIC DNI: Homophobia, i do not condemn homophobia. As I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community too! Racism, i also do not condone this as listed above I am asian and believe we deserve equal rights. RCTA/ECTA, seriously? (Theres more but these are more of the basics)
BYF BYF: Im most likely super silly when its comes to texting n especially if its my friends!! Would tease you in like anything heheheeheh
INTEREST: Cats, video games, nail polish, board games, friends, food (especially takoyaki and tarts), Hajime Shino, crime documentaries or any documentaries, science xoxo, geology, marine animals, puppets, Homestuck, Hiveswap, Vast error, Welcome home, Mahoyaku, Twisted Wonderland, Paradox live, Pjsekai, Enstars, Disney, Voltron: Legendary defender (only at S2 EP1), i love love love coding, Splatoon, Zelda games (majoras mask, botw, totk, ocarina of time), sonic the hedgehog, murder games, rpg games, multiplayer games, lego monkie kid, lego dreamzzz, spooky month, my brother likes object shows but i only watch tpot & inanimate insanity, moray eels, making desserts


Queen, ,Royal Scandal, TOPHAMHAT-KYO, The crane wives, Panic! At the disco, Lesley Gore, OR3O, Jack Stauber, Will Wood, Syudou, Lemon Demon, Madame Macabre, Tally Hall, Ghost and Pals, Ado, KISS, Nirvana, Elton John, Weezer, Kikuo, The Beatles currently playing: yk what this song is vast error fans


Kubo n the two strings , Coraline , disney movies!!!!


DC superhero girls, South park, scooby doo, the owl house, amphibia, TBHK, SU, Crime scene kitchen, #textmewhenyougethome


Journey to the West, TBHK manga, TWST manga, my beloved murder books (also science reviewers for practice)


Pavitr Prabhakar Hobie Brown Peni Parker Clark Kent

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About me:

Hi! Whalecome to my profile! Call me Kiz or Jane I am an ENTP 7w8, debating if I'm a Mage of Mind or Heart. I am southeast asian though you have to guess/j I love coding and my boomfies they are the realest!!!! I'm a seadweller and have a thing for moray eels they are just so silly. Also I love baking and investigation shows *cough* crime scene kitchen *cough* read my dni before friending me!!! Note: if I ever add u again even though you've declined it pls ignore the 2nd request my memory isn't that particularly good so I apologize Add me on pesterchum/chumdroid as tacticalNecromancer

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone! Unless u break the dni section ofc My love languages: gift giving (stickers, bracelets, art), physical affection (pinching your cheeks, hugs debating on hugs) <---------->

stamps/gifs! (thank you flowa!)
What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?
What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Party Hat.I am a Party Hat.

I'm a popular sort of person, well-liked and very sociable. I'm always at the height of fashion, either because I set it or because I follow it. What Sort of Hat Are You?
I am a Stilt Clown! Click here to take the clown quiz! What Homestuck Kid Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime THE OOMFIES!!!!!!


Karkat/Arcjec Lio Vris

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no way vast error fans on spacehey whatt?!?!

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UR PROFILE IS SO CUTEEE! XD!! btw, how do u do the Dni list?

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Ty!!! N in the one in my general? I just did this :3


Other text

N the code should work

by janebug; ; Report

Ur text

Other text


by janebug; ; Report

Actually lemme just send it to u hehe

by janebug; ; Report


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x33 < ty fur the add!! You're supurr cool!!!!!!

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Wahh TY :33

by janebug; ; Report


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Hi thanks for the add, ur layout is pretty <3

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by janebug; ; Report

will :oD!!

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did you know that thresher sharks are large mackerel sharks of the family Alopiidae found in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world; the family contains three extant species, all within the genus Alopias :3

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Woah :0

by janebug; ; Report


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me when the error is vast

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When the vast is very error

by janebug; ; Report


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this is late af BUT i love your page sm :00 AND THE SONG I GOTTA ADD IT TO ONE OF MY PLAYLISTS

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Ty u x33

by janebug; ; Report


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SICK PAGE!!! thx for the frq :o)

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Ty :33 n ur welcome

by janebug; ; Report


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SICK PAGE!!! thx for the frq :o)

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This is a cool page!

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by janebug; ; Report


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♫♪ Hello Jane! Nice to see you here too! As a Duo our page also has our own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to our YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... Our Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/artist/4781sgpzumarYLS7PFzirN ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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♬ ♫ ♪ Welcome Kiz! My page has my own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to my YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... My Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cx9roy1bPrUe6o6JtakhF ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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tysm for the add!! i love ur profile sm! :0

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by janebug; ; Report


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Tysm for the add! I love your pfp it's so cool!!! :D :3

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by janebug; ; Report

Oopsy added a question mark

by janebug; ; Report

Djdj it's ok!! :)

by -ˋ⭐‧˚⋆Skylar₊。˚ˎ˗; ; Report


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nIcE pRoFiLe :0) HoNk

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Ty gamzee

by janebug; ; Report

gray ! (๑>◡<๑)

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ty for the add !! whats the name of the song playing in the background ? :33

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Cybernetic Entities by Madame Macabre!

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by REZ; ; Report


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hi hi! ty for the add!! sorry i took so long to accept, i usually study accounts for awhile before accepting <3

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Thats alr! Its understandable :3

by janebug; ; Report


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THANK U 4 the ADD !! :D

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Np!! N ty!!

by janebug; ; Report


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cool layout :^Y

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