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i like offbeat weirdo things. swords are pretty cool too. way cool. bit of a gamer girl too. so you best believe you can catch me playing some games. ex-Homestuck, been there done that. screw the Homestuck epilogues and Homestuck 2 dude. screw Homestuck too. a combined Vriska-Terezi kin if you must know yeah thanks for asking. appreciator of cute womenz. gotta be up there as one o' my favorite general interests for sure. creatively i write and dabble occasionally in 3d art. guess what i usually make? swords. f'n crazy, right? been digging OSR TTRPGs lately too. dungeoneering is fun as hell.


Hällas, Nirvana, Kino, The Garden, Ozma, My Chemical Romance, Pagan Altar, Weezer, The Raven Age, Samhears, Three Days Grace, The Impossibles, Linkin Park, Failure, Billy Cobb


Gremlins 2 and Shrek 2. both are five star films


Steven Universe was like the latest show I finished. What a good, flawed show lol. Been watching The Owl House lately and my god i love that show. ITS SO GOOD.


Death Note? i read more TTRPG books than novels/graphic novels/whatever. in which case... Old School Essentials, Dungeon Crawl Classics, MÖRK BORG, Cyberpunk 2020/RED, Dolmenwood


im my own hero goddammit. honorable mention to all the cool transgenders out there living their lives making it by. walking inspirations they are.

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About me:

22. transgender. she/her. autistic lesbian furry. emphasis on the autistic, lesbian, and furry parts. the kinda girl who says "dude" and "bro", "dudebro" even. HRT is a hell of a drug. the delicious tunes playing? "Language Perfect" by Samhears. check em out. hella swell artist. The Elders Scroll Skyrim - Precision

Who I'd like to meet:

be cool to meet fellow cool queer people who dont mind my yelling. THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: IM ALLERGIC TO NEUROTYPICALS AND I DONT TALK TO KIDS, so if youre a normie and/or not 18+ i will orbital laser beam you outta my sight.

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Charlie May

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Your profile is sick
thanks for the add <3

Very nice music too :)

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your comment is *too nice* thank you sm

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