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He/him!! Questionning sexuality

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I loooooooove animals like sharks, snakes, cats, fox, racoon etc etc... I like the games Sally Face, Cult of the lamb, omori and minecraft!!I like passing my time online!! I like every genre of music except the rap of my country (french rap)!! There a lot of show/movie i want to watch but i never found times or idk where to watch it lmaoo!! I like writting story but idk if i'm good at it!! I do some edits on my tiktok!!:3 I love so so so so so so MUCH Mob Psycho 100!! It's my current fixation :33


✮ ✮ (Only listen to them tho, don't know them a lot :3) -Jack Stauber -Rory in early 20s -Mother Mother -Miracle Musical -Nirvana -Duster -Crystal Castles -Korn -System of a down -TV Girl -Alex G -Rebzyyx -Tally Hall ✮ ✮


✮ ✮ -Coraline -Fantastic Mr. Fox -The south park's movie -Miss Perigrine -(want to watch) Akira ✮ ✮


✮ ✮ -Mob psycho 100 -Serial Experimantal Lain -Saiki K -(want to watch) Invader Zim!! -(started to watch) the girl from nowhere -South park -(started to watch) Puella Magi Madoka Magica -Inside job -(rewatching) Rick and Morty -Gravity falls -Over the garden wall -Tawog -Popee the performer -Black Butler ✮ ✮


✮ ✮ -Mob psycho 100 (manga) -Toilet bound hanako kun (manga) -The gravity falls' books -(want to read) the Saiki k's manga ✮ ✮


idk what to put here so just get blinkies and stamps :3

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About me:

⊰⁠⊹ Hiiiii, my name's Kel!! I'm a boy and i use he/him but they/them is okay with me! :3 I talk english, french and i know a LITTLE BIT deutsch! I like to draw and to listen to music!! I used to have a big fixation on omori for one year so if you like Omori, talk to meee!! X3 I like a lot mob psycho 100!! (reigen's obviously my bbg) I like browsing on the internet and I pass most of my time on it, but yet i'm not really online due to my irl life ofc or that i'm sleeping cuz i fell alseep really easily!! Sometimes it's also only cuz i'm outside to walk!!! Anyway, idk what to say anymore, soooo yeahhh, that's it! I'm just a silly little guy!!! ›:33 If you want to talk with me, i'm always okay with it!! Just don't be weird and respect some of my boundaries!!!! ⊰⁠⊹

Firefly Pointer |||||

Who I'd like to meet:

⊰⁠⊹Pretty much anyone! I just want to meet cool people!!! I want to meet everyone except some guys, so i have a DNI list!! :3 DNI: -Sh0tacon/l0licon/pr0shipper (don't talk to me plz) -R@cist people -@bleist people -Homoph0bic people -Transph0bic people -people that don't respect boundaries -People that judge non-stop || Plz respect my DNI list, it would make me really uncomfortable if you don't!! :3

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Ash ☾⋆。𖦹 °✩

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Super stellar layout!! :D

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Oh um thanks, like your layout! :>

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