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"someone lobotomize me"

syshost. 15. american. CST. autistic. knight of time

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ants and bugs, true crime, psychology, dead rising, mortal kombat, street fighter, doki doki literature club, spill culture, kandi, race culture, j-fashion, alternative fashion, school idol groups, plants vs zombies, my singing monsters, object shows, homestar runner, apocalypses, dystopian worlds, slam poetry, spirituality, guidestuck, redditstuck, the crow strider au, madness combat, riddle school, rhythm games, your turn to die, minecraft, the strife project, genesis project, kiibo from danganronpa 3 (otherwise i want nothing to do with the game), roleplaying, birds, the crooked man, corpse party, nexpo, nick crowley, someordinarygamer, reddit icebergs, sanrio, vocaloid, trinkets, rpg maker games, pokemon, rhythm heaven, bandori, project sekai, d4dj, lovelive all stars, smile precure, magical girl anime, local58, vita carnis, urban spook, the smile files, the mandela catalog, ENA, abandoned places, dead malls, lost media, internet icebergs, game grumps, uncanny valley, liminal spaces, slime rancher, the mean girls musical, resident evil, ARGs, pumpkin night


MF DOOM, tyler the creator, public enemy, marina and the diamonds, tv girl, car seat headrest, radiohead, the smiths, korn, slaughter beach dog, cats millionare, hop along queen ansleis, zeija, p4rkr, snowblower, alice gas, 100 gecs, paul baribeau, kimya dawson, c4ff31n3, kets4eki, andrew goes to hell, jack off jill, ajj, eminem, bladee, 8584, basshunter, zeija, g0r3c0r3, scruff, atlas, mitski, sorry mom, distructo disk, thaiboy digital, ecco2k, beastie boys, n.w.a., cypress hill, alex g, ice cube, frank sinatra, hot freaks, miniature tigers, matei jordache, hello happy world, afterglow, more more jump, wonderland x showtime, perfume, milgram, regina spektor, mommy long legs, modern baseball, will wood, the front bottoms, mccafferty, phemic, BWKK, s3rl, they might be giants, icp, creed, tally hall, weezer, slutever, the scary b1tches, blink-182, totalspiffage, mischief brew, wingnut dishwashers union, days n daze, pat the bunny, johnny hobo, harley poe, just nick, human petting zoo, jeffery lewis, your favorite martian, silverstein, songs from obscure soundcloud producers, crying in the club, bomb the music industry


jackass, beavis and butthead do the universe, borat, world war z, zombieland, beavis and butthead do america, the 40 year old virgin, stepbrothers, wedding crushers, juno, 10 things i hate about you, the scream movies, halloween, friday the 13th, the mortal kombat movies, the childs play movies, final destination, texas chainsaw massacre, jaws, saw, obscure strange short films, the lego love one and two, lego batman, the riddler, shutter island, the lorax, bring it on, mlp equestria girls, invader zim enter the florpus, unfriended (ironically), hubie halloween, my girl, american psycho, spree, 2012, warm bodies, superbad, 13 going on 30, the john wick movies, the deadpool movie, doomsday movies in general


beavis and butthead, johnny bravo, invader zim, the walking dead, black summer, z nation, breaking bad, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, she-ra and the princesses of power, fanboy and chumchum, breadwinners, sanjay and craig, total drama island, you, johnny test, the haunting of hill house, inside job, south park, moral orel, bojack horseman, toradora, lovelive, bungo stray dogs, spongebob, robot chicken, hey arnold, catdog, courage the cowardly dog, pokemon, teenage mutant ninja turtles. just a bunch of cartoons, knight rider, WWE, AEW, NXT, the boondocks, smiling friends, rick and morty, xaiver renegade angel, wonder showzen, salad fingers



johnny cage. orange cassidy. frank west. tony hawk. my bro

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About me:

hi im strider. dave is fine too but shit like davey, stri, or other nicknames like that reserved for friends/people i have positive source memories with. bodily im fifteen and about to be a freshman in highschool. my pronouns are he/him. just a warning i have trouble spelling things and pronouncing things. my vision is shit (ive got astigmatism and i’m nearsighted) so reading cursive or fancy fonts is near impossible for me. speech isn’t my strong area but feel free to (politely) correct me

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone especially sourcemates

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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thx for adding me back!!!!! youre so cool im exploding many times in a row(watch out for flying shrapnel)

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hai man, you seem really cool :3

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thanks dude, you too

by strider; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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🦋 🌸

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ty 4 da add!!!!!!! :oDDD

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Hey cool pf! u seem chill

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thanks man you too

by strider; ; Report