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"very serious girly activities.πŸ—‘πŸ—‘ "

20, Estonia

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video games / digital art / sculpting / music n art enthusiast / avid comic n manga reader / graphic design is my passion (not) /


Piimasupp (literally milk soup) / kaseke (best estonian candy fr) / learning about cultures n travelling / abandoned buildings and liminal spaces / oldschool, retro games n content / drawing for my friends hehe / cowboys yeehaw /


gif 1 - Red Dead Redemption 2 gif 2 - Ghost Of Tsushima gif 3 - Fallout New Vegas gif 4 - Portal 2 gif 5 - Half life gif 6 - Yakuza 0 gif 7 - Disco Elysium gif 8 - Psychonauts gif 9 - Hat In Time gif 10 - Resident evil 7 & Village


i listen to a bit of everything!! - System Of Down - Gojira - Masayoshi Takanaka - MF DOOM - Eminem - Oingo Boingo - Depeche Mode - Radiohead - Sea Power - Daft Punk - Machine girl - A Perfect Circle - The Talking Heads - Nine Inch Nails - Weezer - Jimi Hendrix - M.I.A - Marina - Hole - The Weeknd - Joji - Beach House - Gorillaz - TOOL - Kate Bush - Mitski - Poppy


brokeback mountain made me cry ngl


watching currently Narcos / TWD / The Last Of Us / Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul / Dark / Love, Death + Robots / CLONE HIGH / Three from Prostokvashino / Nu Pogodi! (I used to have an actual dvd game of it) / Vanamees :)


mangas are considered books right..? GOLDEN KAMUY IS THE GOAT, I WILL NEVER STOP PREACHING ABOUT IT.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9


Arthur Morgan my forever hero in heart (Honorable mentions: my friends ❀ and Pedro Pascal too why not)

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About me:

Eyyo! Call me punpun. I'm an Estonian and to those folks who've fallen asleep during geography class, it is in northern europe. I like to explore and dip my toes into dif medias to find inspiration. I've been drawing ever since i picked up a pencil hence I try to involve myself with the art world and design. So occasionally I do bit of sculpting too, with clay or 3D! Joined Heyspace to come and try to socialize n break out of my social phobia a little. Also not so fun fact about me: I have poor memory :(

Who I'd like to meet:

If u just wanna have a chat then feel free to drop right in!! (where are my art moots at?!) My discord >> Punpun#5197

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ur art looks awesome! loving it!

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tyyy, i saw the goofy silly lil cats on your profile and immidiately had to friend you LMAO

by PUNPUN; ; Report


by Folxx; ; Report


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u seem very nice, ur art looks great and i love the music on ur profile, looking forward to interacting! β™‘

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Thank you sm! Your layout is also really nice imo :)

by PUNPUN; ; Report


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great art ! you seem really sweet

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Thank youuu You're sweet for saying so!!

by PUNPUN; ; Report


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Thank you very much for the add, your art style is so nice!
Really looking forward to your future posts (:

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awhh, thanks dude! I appreciate it

by PUNPUN; ; Report


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TY FOR THE ADD i like your page!! kim is literally my comfort character AND YOUR ART LOOKS SO COOL OMG

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AAAHh thank you, that means alot to me!! πŸ–€πŸ–€ and ur so right, kim is the ultimate comfort character ngl ngl

by PUNPUN; ; Report


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Hi!! Tysm for the add, I love your page! YOUR ART IS SO GOOD BTW, need me more artist friends :D β™‘β™‘β™‘

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Awwhh thank you and np!! I love your layout aswell :)) β™‘β™‘

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Thanks for the add Baltic Sister

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No problem. Respect 🀝

by PUNPUN; ; Report


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SAMEEEEE HAHAHAHA I saw your profile and was like yes, this is it. THIS is the one.

by PUNPUN; ; Report

im literally just realizing that you drew the kim help!!!!!!!! i am in love with your artstyle

by aku; ; Report

AAAAAAAAAAA thank youu!!! :> β™‘β™‘β™‘

by PUNPUN; ; Report

Jon πŸ‡

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Hi! 'Sup? Welcome to Spacehey! :D

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Hii heyy, thanks! I thought your bunny profile was so sick I just had to add you hahahah

by PUNPUN; ; Report

thanks! yeah, I'm the unofficial Stoned Grandpa of Spacehey lol XD

by Jon πŸ‡; ; Report