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video games yeahh !! loz, final fantasy, resident evils, dark souls, skyrim, binding of isaac, assassin creed, red dead, papers please, bloodborne, outlast, amanda the adventurer, ghost of tsushima, sekiro, minecraft, subnautica + below zero, stardew valley, animal crossing, terraria, the forest, darkwood, omori, deltarune + undertale, dbh, sp tfbw + sot, earthbound, super mario, pokemon, kirby, starfox, left for dead, last of us, tbcte, cuphead, geometry dash


any music is great nor do i judge, love all !! do not enjoy country though (grew up with it consistently, now the sound of country music haunts me) i will politely throw you out of a car if you put it on aux !!


personally, i do not watch many movies, but i have seen almost all marvel movies!! used to be really into marvel, seen almost every movie thrice!! very excited for the across the spiderverse movie !! i do enjoy emotional / psychological horror movies also (us, smile, ma)


i enjoy all comedic or serious animatics !! any will suffice !! demon slayer, chainsaw man, my hero academia, kakegurui, erased, silent voice, arcane, inside job, rick and morty, South Park, hazbin hotel, invader zim, steven universe, amphibia, gravity falls, owl house, over the garden wall, ENA, craig of the creek, bluey!! love any slenderverse series, marble hornets is my favorite! currently into steven universe and invader zim!


comics, graphic novels, manga !! mostly pictures, typically not the best with reading comprehension!! more of a fictional nerd, no biographies or informational / factual topics !! love reading the steven universe novels, extremely cute !!


coryxkenshin, ryan and shane, pointcrow!! someone named el who is beyond amazing and my girlfriend !! frei, sophia, danyelle! my awesome cat / daughter hazel <3 my parents and siblings!! trying to warm up to my step dad, but he is great too, my stuffies !!

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hi i'm daly!! | 16 | all prns (gender apathetic) | ace lesbian | infp (or intp? i get differing ones each quiz taken..) | 08/08 | neurodivergent | work part-time job in fast food (gross) | love everyone!!

Who I'd like to meet:

literally anyone, you are all so cool!!

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Give me your organs pleease pretty please please pelaseee please

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sorry those are mine!!

by jvicy; ; Report

vincent โ˜…

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hi !! what layout are you using ??

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hello! the layout is called grey cool layout! the creator has some other pretty ones too!!

by jvicy; ; Report

tysm !!

by vincent โ˜…; ; Report


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mood: *EXPLODES*

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Dawg sounds like a minecraft creeper with that mood being an explosion. All love, no hate <3

by Phia; ; Report


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omg hi tuddle toodle tee tee !!

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pookie poo bear wee wee

by chainsawsxlove; ; Report


by jvicy; ; Report