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infp 5w4, vampire girl, Indonesian, still a teen


Mood: Chronically hyperfixated on Jimmy Urine and Orochimaru

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Drawing - Coding - Learning Russian - Listening to Music - Watching YT - Reading Manga


Mindless Self Indulgence - My Bloody Valentine - Mitski - Cults - Strawberry Switchblade - Femtanyl - Pink Pantheress - Boa - Machine Girl


Death Note - Chainsaw Man - Asobi Asobase - Nichijou - Serial Experiments Lain - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Kowloon Generic Romance


Yume Nikki - Yume 2kki - OMORI - Lain Playstation - Danganronpa


Serial Experimts Lain - Vampires - these mfs


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About me:

Hi my name is Veronika_Vampire but you can just call me Veronika. I'm Indonesian but I've lived in Malaysia since I was born (though funnily enough I have a hard time speaking/understanding Bahasa Melayu I'm not kidding).

I love drawing, listening to music, learning languages, and anything dreamcore/weirdcore

Who I'd like to meet:

Pretty much anyone who likes the same things as me ESPECIALLY if you LOVE Mindless Self Indulgence, that band's got a STRONG chokehold on me rn and I'm borderline desperate at this point for someone to talk to abt and obsess over them.

So please feel free to hmu whenver you want, just don't ask for any sexual, romantic, or any inappropriate things.

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SpRinG ¡Is DeAd!

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Omg a MSI fan! Thanks for the add!

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thx and yw ^^ <3

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report


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Love MSI!!

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Cyber Dollie

Cyber Dollie's profile picture

Insane profile! I love the vibe!/pos

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aww thxx

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report


Haru✿'s profile picture

luv your layout! thanks for the add

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aw thxx <3, and I love ur layout too! (*^▽^*)

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

I'm actually Indonesian, but was born and raised in Malaysia

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

ouh ok, can u speak malay?

by Haru✿; ; Report

uhh, not to be rude but did you even read the about me part of my page well??

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

i already read it

by Haru✿; ; Report

then you should know that I kinda have a hard time understanding and speaking in Bahasa Melayu

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

Century???? like which period of a hundred years I was born in or do you just mean the year I was born in???

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

uhm i mean what state

by Haru✿; ; Report


by Haru✿; ; Report

ohhh which state? I live in KL

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

i live in Johor :D

by Haru✿; ; Report


VAL ★'s profile picture

MSI FAN RAAHHH!!! hihihihihi

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by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report


Newly-dead's profile picture

Based MSI fan. I'm somewhat of a Jimmy Page hater myself.

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I'm not sure if this is a joke or not but I'll just let you know that I've actually never heard of Jimmy Page outside of that one MSI song

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it was a reference to the song.

by Newly-dead; ; Report


Kita's profile picture

Omg thx for the add!!! I love msi but still not forgiving jimmy for what he done

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yw and personally for me, I'm staying neutral until there's official confirmation on whether or not Jimmy's accusations are true

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

I agree but the accusations are so crazy though. If this is real I don’t know how to feel

by Kita; ; Report

hamburg (randal)

hamburg (randal)'s profile picture

aaaa u seem so cool what

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thx ^^ <3

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report


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I love your profile! Have you ever played Yomawari before?

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I think I've heard abt that game somewhere but never actually played

by Veronika_Vampire; ; Report

OMG you have to, especially Yomawari Midnight Shadows

by Jappins; ; Report