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Sharks ☆⋆☆ Outdoor Survival Skills ☆⋆☆ Isopods ☆⋆☆ Sonic ☆⋆☆ Portal ☆⋆☆ Welcome Home ☆⋆☆ Splatoon ☆⋆☆ Roblox ☆⋆☆ Animal jam ☆⋆☆ Night in the woods ☆⋆☆ Club Penguin ☆⋆☆ Tomodachi Life ☆⋆☆ Slime Rancher ☆⋆☆ Pokémon ☆⋆☆ Pokepark (PLEASE ask me about pokepark) ☆⋆☆ Beading ☆⋆☆ jerma Discord is Iso#9372


Lamp ☆⋆☆ Bob Marley ☆⋆☆ liana Flores ☆⋆☆ Glen Campbell ☆⋆☆ Sublime ☆⋆☆ Toshifumi Hinata ☆⋆☆ Frank Sinatra ☆⋆☆ Bad Religion ☆⋆☆ Machine Girl ☆⋆☆ Wham! ☆⋆☆ Tyler The Creator ☆⋆☆ Goreshit ☆⋆☆ TV girl ☆⋆☆ DR.GABBA ☆⋆☆ MF DOOM ☆⋆☆ Childish Gambino ☆⋆☆ The Garden ☆⋆☆ Cuco ☆⋆☆ Weird Al


The shining ☆⋆☆ Scream ☆⋆☆ Some Like It Hot ☆⋆☆ The Apartment ☆⋆☆ Both the sonic movies ☆⋆☆ Megamind


My little pony ☆⋆☆ All the sonic shows ☆⋆☆ Inside job ☆⋆☆ Aqua Teen Hunger Force ☆⋆☆ Moomin ☆⋆☆ She-ra ☆⋆☆ Steven Universe ☆⋆☆ South Park ☆⋆☆ Breaking Bad ☆⋆☆ Better Call Saul


Forest School For Grown-Ups ☆⋆☆ IT ☆⋆☆ The complete guide to edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts (damn that's a long name) ☆⋆☆ Woman World ☆⋆☆ Moomin


My dad :D

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About me:

Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic Hello welcome to my profile!! I go by Iso on here but you can also call me Rob or Robin. I am 17 years old and I've never really interacted with much in social media so I'm trying this for the first time so sorry if I come off as weird I'm just awkward. I am a not so proud American and I only speak english. I am autistic and I Absolutly love all the things in my interests so please please ask me about them. I love talking to people and meeting new people so please do not hesitate to send me a message!

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd love to meet other people with some of the same interests as me but especially people who love the outdoors since Its so prominent in my life. but overall I want to meet anyone!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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I absolutely love these dumb little songs!!

by Iso!!; ; Report

Hooray! Tell a friend too ok!?

by Wacky Alex; ; Report

I probably will I have a friend who would love this too

by Iso!!; ; Report


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Literally just wanted to send you a friend requiest
you were faster :D

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Omg that’s so funny I love that

by Iso!!; ; Report

But even besides that funny bit
you seem totally awesome!! You got so many cool interests! c:

by Operator; ; Report

Tysm!! :D

by Iso!!; ; Report


✰•G00fy_G00b3r!!'s profile picture

hii!!! I'd l0v3 t0 ch4t, y0u s33m s0 c00l :::0D

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Hello tysm!! dm me sometime and I'd love to talk :D

by Iso!!; ; Report


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Heyo! Thanks for the add! Sharks are awesome

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