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18, genderfluid, artist, not an alien maybe

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*Art is my favorite thing to do, -theonlythingido- its mostly a hobby of mine, but i'd like to be a professional someday :] Maybe get into character design, or be an animator/story writer! *Aliens, and people *Getting so mad at a piece of media that I recreate it entirely and never show anyone *I'm an complete wuss when it comes to anything remotely scary, but I love horror so much, especially existential horror, or stuff like the backrooms and SCP and ARG's. I even love the especially schlocky and hokey stuff like every single creepypasta and all the games that came out of it? Like that one Luna game, or sonic.exe and stuff lol *I can never figure them out without a walkthrough, but I love doing puzzle games, mostly point in click/escape room style games. *Jigsaw puzzles :] *I loveee ace attourney, invader zim, mlp, su, undertale, deltarune, fnaf, the portal games, the stanley parable, welcome home, cuphead(game and show), nitw, Sam and max (the show, comics and games!) minecraft, *I have a lot of favorite aesthetics (they're all amazing but these are my faves) Scene/trad goth, 2000's webcore, 80's aesthetic, aliencore, mushroom and goblin core I am also interested in flamingos, i think they're very pink and neat


Kinda just listen to whatever sounds nice to me in the moment, but lemon demon, owl city, 100 gecs, jack stauber, mitski, girl in red, marina martinez, GHOST come to mind for artists that I like, might update l8r


Any Ghibli films, Invader zim enter the florpus, catch me if you can, legally blonde,


I like owl house, the amazing world of gumball, steven universe, MLPFIM, invader zim, the mandolorian, breaking bad, better call saul, adventure time, inside job, cuphead, doctor who, gravity falls, PPG(not the 2016 remake), Scoobydoo,


I like mystery books, thriller, goofy silly fun guy books


Jack black

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About me:

Alien from outer space, unless you hate aliens then i'm totally not one- You can refer to me by any pronouns, they're all funky and I love all of them I'm 18, genderfluid, an 'artist' and a cryptid I like horror, thriller, mystery, noir, ARG nonsense. But I also enjoy a fluffy slice of life or cheesy romance :] i'm only here for the cheese

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who wants to ramble about their original characters to me,(you WILL tell me all about them, no isn't an option, resistance is futile) their current obsession, or to get angry about how life is right now and need someone to complain to (i get it man) Maybe someone to send cool tiktoks/ youtube videos to, to recommend their favorite artists/shows/books Orrrr someone who can send me pictures of their pet chickens? I love chickens, pls send me chickens..

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Hello la creatura thanks for the add

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Np! lol

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