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Video games: Hollow knight💜 Rain World💜 Deltarune💜 Undertale💜 Splatoon(I main Sorella brella currently)💜 Pokemon💜 Minecraft💜 Tetris💜 Stardew valley💜 Niche💜 Slime rancher💜 Just shapes and beats💜 Cattails💜 A hat in Time💜 Kirby💜 Stray💜 Fnaf💜 Bendy and the ink machine💜 Friday night funkin💜 Other stuff: Being gay💜 Reading💜 Coding💜 History💜 Science💜 Welcome home💜 Asmr 💜 Art💜 Fencing💜 Swimming💜 HERMITCRAFT💜 LIFE SERIES 💜 SPLATOON💜 MURDER DRONES 💜


Mother mother 🎸 Cheekface🎸 Will wood🎸 Cavetown 🎸 Miracle Musical 🎸 Lemon Demon 🎸 Marina and the diamonds🎸 Jack Stauber🎸 Cg5🎸 Toby fox🎸 Def1sh🎸 Off the hook🎸 Deep cut🎸 Yoko & the Gold Bazookas 🎸 (The last 4 are artists/groups from the Splatoon franchise)


Luca🎥 Nimona🎥 Monty Python and the holy grail 🎥 Spiderman into the spider-verse🎥 Spiderman across the spider-verse 🎥 Maze runner🎥 Maze runner: the scorch trials🎥 Maze runner: the death cure🎥 Mitchels vs. the machines🎥 Spaceballs 🎥 The Hunger games🎥 Holes🎥


Murder Drones 🎬 Toradora🎬 Sk8 the infinity 🎬 Death Note 🎬 Generation Loss🎬 The owl house🎬 Welcome to Dreamworld 🎬 Amphibia🎬 Gravity Falls🎬 Bunk'd🎬 Death Note 🎬 Steven Universe🎬 Helluva Boss🎬 Hazbin Hotel🎬 My hero academia🎬 Avatar: the last Airbender🎬 Rise of the TMNT🎬 spooky month🎬 Kid cosmic🎬 Kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts🎬 Doctor Who🎬 Raven's home🎬


Percy Jackson📘 Heroes of Olympus 📘 Magnus Chase📘 Trials of Apollo 📘 Kane Chronicles 📘 All of the Rick Riordan presents series and books📘 Warrior cats📘 Wings of fire📘 The magic misfits 📘 Artemis fowl 📘 Holes📘 Bud not buddy 📘 Castoff(this is a webcomic)📘 Unfamiliar(this is a webcomic)📘 Don't worry Teri Blokhin(this is an on permanent hiatus webcomic)📘 My stereo bot(this is a webcomic)📘


This is now a YouTubers/streamers I like board💜 THESTARFISHFACE 💜 Skurry💜 AstralSpiff💜 David Baron💜 Sarcastic Chorus💜 Pearlescentmoon 💜 ImpulsSV💜 Squid School 💜 Kwite💜 Lockstin and Gnoggin 💜 Seri the pixel biologist💜 ProChara💜 Vicvillon💜 Johnstone💜 TheClick💜 One Topic At A Time💜 Mandjtv💜 SarcasticChorus💜 Pillowdearasmr 💜 Alichu Art💜 Sulkycats 💜 Saberspark💜 Mr Buddy💜 Emeral💜 Geminitay💜 Grian💜 Mumbo Jumbo💜 Quackity💜 Tubbo💜 Ranboo💜 Wattles💜 Sqaishey💜 The Roundtable💜 Cartoon universe💜 Hugbees 💜 If I had to have a hero for this section, it would have to be Thestarfishface, they have inspired me SO MUCH and have proven to me that it's possible to be an independent artist and survive!

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hiii :DDD tysm for the add! ur page looks great!

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Ofc! Also thank you sm! Your page looks great as well!

by Ceres_the_interdimensional; ; Report


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Are you ok bro you've been inactive af

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Yeah sorry I have gis project I've been working on and I have a lot of free time recently, and so I decided to focus that free time on that project so I can have a presentable version of it ready soon, I didn't realize how much that was gonna be or how much I'd get sucked in to that project, so again sorry

by Ceres_the_interdimensional; ; Report

Oh alr it's fine dude, just wanted to make sure you were ok

by Keracen; ; Report

Thank you!:D

by Ceres_the_interdimensional; ; Report