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"Stickman? More like Hangman🤭 (KYS)"

20, Straight Outta COMPTON!


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♡Nail art ♡Watching movies ♡Shopping ♡Doing makeup ♡Animal print is lifeee ♡Loves watching Johnnie Guilbert & Jake Webber ♡Kandi bracelet maker ♡Raverrrr ♡Reading Egg magazines ♡Always trying new styles ♡A retired Manba gyaru ♡I'm related to beach.ganguro


♡Kendrick Lamarrrr (I love him 🫶) ♡Ayesh Erotica ♡Future ♡2 Chainz ♡Metro Boomin ♡Snoop Dawg ♡Tupac ♡Biggie ♡N.W.A ♡Ice Cube ♡Aaliyah ♡Cardi ♡Megan Thee Stallion ♡ParaPara (Gyaru/Eurobeat) ♡Elvis Presley ♡6arelyhuman ♡Kets4eki ♡Odetari ♡Brokencyde ♡Millionaires ♡Jake Webber ♡Johnnie Guilbert ♡Destiny's child ♡Fergalicious ♡Kelis ♡Britney Spears ♡Beyoncé ♡Nicki Minaj ♡Evanescence ♡Alicia Keys ♡Nelly Furtando ♡Ke$ha ♡Pussycat Dolls ♡Rihanna ♡Jamiroquai ♡Tila Tsoli ♡Blood on the dance floor ♡Paramore ♡Nine Inch Nails ♡Insane Clown Posse ♡Metallica ♡KISS ♡Slayer ♡Nirvana ♡My Chemical Romance ♡Avril Lavigne ♡Christina Aguilera ♡Sleeping With Sirens ♡Pierce The Veil ♡Motionless In White ♡Slipknot ♡Bring Me The Horizon ♡Cannibal Corpse ♡Miss Luxury ♡Black Veil Brides


♡Clueless ♡Oresama ♡Mean Girls ♡16 wishes ♡Sleepover ♡Gossip Girl ♡Legally Blonde (1&2) ♡Scream (The whole trilogy) ♡Halloween Movies (Michael Myers) ♡Friday the 13th ♡The House Bunny ♡Jennifer's Body


♡The Parkers ♡Super Gals ♡Invader Zim ♡Bratz ♡Icarly ♡Sam & Cat ♡WWE ♡Euphoria ♡Insatiable ♡Victorious ♡That 70s show ♡Suite Deck Life ♡Attack on Titan ♡JJK ♡Powerpuff Girls ♡The Amazing World of Gumball ♡Winx ♡The Simple Life ♡Cheaters ♡ANTM ♡Ridiculousness ♡Jersey Shore ♡Bad Girls Club ♡Keeping Up With The Kardashians ♡Rupaul's Drag Race ♡Strawberry Shortcake (idgaf if I'm too old)


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About me:

♡20 & College Gurl ♡Retired yamanba gyaru ♡Lesbian ♡Female ♡Majorette Dancer ♡I love pink & going to the mall 24/7 ♡Ayesha Erotica Fan ♡Velour tracksuits, bracelets, & makeup are always my top priority. ♡Kendrick Lamar brainrot zombie

Who I'd like to meet:

♡I would love to meet anybody, especially Ayesha Erotica ☆ ♡6arelyhuman ♡Paris Hilton ♡Kendrick Lamar ♡Odetari ♡Nicki Minaj

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Clara 💋

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im soooo obsessed w ur profile omg(。♡‿♡。)

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Appreciate the add💜

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alexxx's profile picture

omg sick layout

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TYSM for accepting visit leave comments BeSafe2024 fav donut?

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sammie >.<"

sammie >.<"'s profile picture

oml i love love love your pfl its so scenecoree aaaaaaa

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LavenderLushLuxury ☭

LavenderLushLuxury ☭ 's profile picture

Your profile is dope, So Cute ^_^ I love it so much!!!!

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Thx ♡

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report


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Gabriel's profile picture

fck you

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Uhhh wadda flip

by ♱ Vic ♱; ; Report

i cant vvith dramageddonz like this itz funny and itz not

by just me ⋆⋆⋆⋆; ; Report

Ozar Sariya

Ozar Sariya's profile picture

Hai sc3n3 barbie :D What's your favorite thing about the mall ^.^

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Hot Topicccc

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report

Mayday 🧟‍♀️

Mayday 🧟‍♀️'s profile picture

Heyy ty for they add bck, u look cool :)💖🖤

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xeviant's profile picture

ty 4 the add back !! luv ur layout + music taste B)

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Thx 🩷

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report


vamp1ria's profile picture

ur profile is really cool!! also love the hello kitty blinkies

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Thxxxx 🩷

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report


katievivii's profile picture

omg i love ur profilee!!!

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Thx 🩷

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report

aster —☆

aster —☆'s profile picture

I AM IN LOOOVE WITH YOUR POFILE ITS SO CUTE OMGOMG TY FOR THE ADD BACK!! your profile is so easy on the eyes ngl

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Marbled Vulpes

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Wubz̸̧̙̦͕̠̩̳̱͚̠̗̫̀̈́̿̄͌͂̅̾...'s profile picture

Sweet page!

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Thanks 💗

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report


Kait's profile picture

hey queen! cute profile!!

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Thx 💗

by Sc3ne.b4rbie; ; Report


Chrissilicious's profile picture

Love ur profile! <3

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🎀🧸✨ILANIT✨🧸🎀 's profile picture

showing your page luv

______$¦$¦$¦$ ____ $¦$¦$¦$
__ $¦$___________________$¦$
(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)$¦$_______$¦$(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_(_.^._)____$¦$___$¦$____ (_.^._)
_____(¯`.´¯) __$¦$__ (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) _ $_ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) (¯`.´¯)_(_.^._)
__________(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(¯`.´¯) (_.^._) (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) ____(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) ______ (_.^._)

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Jason_isflamboyant's profile picture

Ur profile is so pretty how💞💞💞💞💞

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