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"happy april toons!"

hiiii call me blaire/queenie!

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in terms of my fave JB games, trivia murder party, YDKJ Headrush, zeeple dome, roomerang AND weapons drawn theyre sooooo cool omg omg omg OMG!!!! Oh also I rlly like 3D platformers and the paper mario franchise (mainly origami king and super paper mario) and stuff!!!! OH and dave's fun algebra class and dave and muko, and dave and bambi gapple. and also toontown corporate clash, i've never really played TTR but i do like the boiler from that game. and I guess I also like horror comedy but it varies tbh. also i rlly love robots, and im catgender


lemon demon and video game OSTs, mostly. and super ghostbusters by joel. at this rate its just whatever my silly little autism brain latches onto :3


The Lego Movie AND the Princess Bride! Oh and TMVTM AND AND Hocus Pocus


cooking shows, spongebob, kiff, sometimes i just watch trash reality tv for the hell of it, AND Idk if this counts but I fucking love watching homestar runner too!!!


read peanuts the movie the game the comic from toontown corporate clash


redacted trivia murder party (damn she just like me fr) i dont have any other heros tbh all of my blorbos have committed at least 2 crimes /silly

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About me:

HI this is my blog, I just kinda do whatever and whatnot, and I am so full of mental illness yum!!!!! I really like Trivia Murder Party/spooky aesthetics and also Toontown stuff rn so yeah you'll see a lot of posting/art/theming around that. I also post art and ramble and stuff X3 OH and i use tone tags. A LOT. so yeah.
Pronouns: literally anything, namesay is she/he/they, but I'm keeping this full list for the sake of archive
she/her, he/him, they/them, it/its, sh3/h3r, h3/h1m, kni/knife/knifes, zeep/zeeple, room/rang/roomer/roomerang/rangself πŸ’€/πŸ’€s/πŸ’€self Flame Sword Welcome To My Site!

Who I'd like to meet:

uhhh cool people namely if you know about toontown or jackbox or like ig any other things im into! also dni if nsfw, jschlatt fan, pro//shipper, and xenophobic, u know the drill.

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You have a cool page!

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awww tysm!!! im currently updating it bc its been ahot second but TYSM DUDE!!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’• πŸ’ž

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hi there!! :D

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?

β–Ί FunHouseRadio.com


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thank you crazy clown radio

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report


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im incredibly late 2 commenting HELP but thx 4 the add !!!! ur layoutz zuper cool ^_^

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Its ok, im glad youre here at all ^^ and yw dude! your layout is super cool too!!!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

tyzm !!!! xP

by P0LYG0NAL SYSTEM; ; Report

DE Navarro

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Thanks for the connection.

Have the best ever year in 2022

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You're welcome! I wish you the best with your writing, and may you have the best 2022!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

M a n y T h a n k s

by DE Navarro; ; Report


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hai !! tysm 4 teh add !! i play a lot of jackbox with meh fam sometimez !! x3

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YW YW YW!!! also omg that's so cool!!! I often play jackbox with my friendz, though I do sometimez also play it w/ my fam!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’– ✨

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hi there! your music is super nice, and you look really cool!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

I appreciate that! Thanks for listening! πŸ’• πŸ’ž

by Perty The Virtual Musician; ; Report

you're welcome! ^^

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report


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Thx for the add, yo! >:D

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you're so welcome!!! your stuff is so cool and omg ur cosplayz are AWESOME!!!

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report

Fhdsjhfdhjf thx!! XD I plan to do more cosplays soon-ish lolz

by xX_MONSTERTEEF_Xx; ; Report

Permanently inactive.

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THX 4 TEH ADD!! ^_^

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BROOOOO Youre so welcome!!! your page is EPIC and tricky (you!!) is even more epic!!! ^o^

by xXmx_sh4d0wlurk3rXx; ; Report