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I love games, retro technology, fandom history (friends with a furry historian, p biased but hey it's fun to chat with them about the history of the fandom). The most sane Homestuck fan you'll ever meet (I really don't make it my personality, instead I make my weird nice hyperfixations a personality ) Also let me make this general my games list: My fave games: +Fallout4 +Skyrim +Undertale +Stardew Valley +Echo (visual novel) +Enter the Gungeon +TBOI Least favorite games: +Changed, I despise it because of it's shitty level designs, and fetish material but like idgaf about it's demographic, it's a shitty game imo. The only good thing Abt it is puro <3


ok imma like split it into 2 categories, popular artists and nonpopular: >Alice in Chains >100 Gecs >SWANs >The Doors >The Cure >Slipknot >NiN >Young Money >Nicky Minaj >Muse >Mitski >Deftones >Metallica >MCR >MSI (love the music, hate the band) >Aphex Twin >Autechre >SquarePusher >Persona 1 - 5's ost (even the remakes) >ICP >Lil Wayne ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Indie esque bands!!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >Black Dresses >Laura Les >Devi Mccallion >Mom >4lung >any lapfox artist >GirlTalk >Lauren Bousfield >NDaD >EAT BABIES? (gone really, artist moved on to bigger projects like Girls Rituals and other bands) >GirlPusher


Oh what to start/ EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce, so fucking good man/any horror movie tbh/Skinimarink <~~~MOVIES THAT I WANT TO WATCH~~> Kuso (created by the dude who made FlyingLotus, and he teamed up with David Firth for one of the sections) /// UMBILICAL WORLD - a compilation of certain works from David Firth /// End of Evangelion - watched it without watching the anime, kinda feel bad abt it because its done so well. You could literally watch it and get all of the characters backstories, wouldn't reccomend it because its literally the ending to the anime (before the rebirth series, thats a series i love too) /// Insidious movies: last one was ass, but I really loved the mcs roommate tho, shes so gender...


Its mostly anime for me, and the only anime is Neon Genesis. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// And webshit, like my fave webseries is SpoilsBury Toast boy or Salad fingers (really anything from David Firth). /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ATHF is a good show and 12 oz. mouse ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Fucking love South Park too, before it got smart (pre-seasons, i also miss the unhinged moments from it before it got into a raunchy soap operah. I mean i like it, but its not as good as when Kanye West gets obsessed over fish dicks, or eric cartman realizing that his mother is intersex) /////////////////// Rick n Morty. Love it, hate the incest in it. Actually that reminds me: had a dream i was in the rick and morty universe, but i was like a neighbor next to the sanchezes, and they kept talking about incest n shit. Like Rick realized that his daughter had sex with a clone and he was disgusted abt it. Like what the fuck


my fave books are: all of lovecrafts work, Uzumaki, No longer Human, Nausea by Jean Sarte, Notes from the underground, homestuck(counting it as a book because it is written like shakespeare), House of leaves, and manyany more. Yk what u can dm me more book suggestions<3 I really want to read more books ---CURRENTLY READING---- The Dark Tower - Stephen King My mom is a massive Stephen king fan, so she made a little book club with me n some of her friends. Our first book is the first dark tower book and omg it's amazing so dar-


The one dude who wrote the lesser keys of solemen, Betaetadelota (or any popular furry that I've watched when I was growing up), and my best friends: Island and xeremusing (gotta link xerems twitch acc here one day, he streams good shit).

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About me:

this song has a choke hold on me: hi she/her/trans/wannabe computer scientist/ artist/ 15/ i made this half assed theme!/ Talk to me on discord: moonscriptor Remember your birth, remember your death, momento mori

Who I'd like to meet:

? anyone who isn't a creep lmao ? furries n gamers ? basically anyone open minded ? people who are politically active, but not too political (like using vocabulary and political shenanigans to formulate an opinion. Like babe plz dumb it down for me lmaoo) ? artists ---People who i don't like--- People who defend shitty people (Don't Hug Cacti, etc etc) People who are nazis (obvious reason; but the reason for me is that your so fucking annoying and hateful. Like being with you makes me want to do what your leader did to himself yk..) ppl who fetishize gay people and lesbians (keep it in your pants) NSFW accounts (Srry! im a minor , i have to protect myself yk)

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Thx for the add, I enjoy your info, all good vibes.

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Aww thank you!

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Legacy Wolf

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Thank you alot for the add!! You seem like a cool person :3

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Aww thanks!
And your welcome!
You also seem like an interesting guy as well, given the fact that you programme and do art.

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๐ŸŽต G3N0_ ๐ŸŽต

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thx for the add back Magdelene!!!

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