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I love drawing & listening to music, I love the night, it's so pretty, especially when the Moon's full and it's kinda ~breezy~, I LOVE BALLET (Swan Lake <3, Giselle <3, Romeo and Juliet <3). I love any kind of fantasy and horror stuff, Analog Horror, Creepypasta stuff. I LOVE Gothic and religious horror, it's like, the best ever. I LOVE J-HORROR (O~O). I also love Alice in Wonderland & Fran Bow-ish types of horror too.
--Video Games-- ✮ Resident Evil/Biohazard, Silent Hill, Cry of Fear, Outlast, The Legend of Zelda, Alisa, Haunting Ground/Demento, Final Fantasy, Little Nightmares, Chilla's Art games, FNAF, Puppet Combo games, TES: Skyrim, Slender: The Arrival, AM's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns, Lollipop Chainsaw, Layers of Fear, Fran Bow, Fatal Frame, The Lord of the Rings Online (mostly Monster Play 😔😭) ✮


Video Game OSTs - I love Akira Yamaoka, Andreas Rönnberg & Akuma Kira ✮ Movie OSTs - Studio Ghibli ✮ CLASSICAL MUSIC - TCHAIKOVSKY ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ ✮ Nobuo Uematsu - I love FF music ✮ The Living Tombstone ✮ Lady Gaga ✮ The Smashing Pumpkins ٩(๑꒦ິȏ꒦ິ๑)۶ ✮ Lana del Rey ✮ The Smiths ✮ Rihanna ✮ MARINA/Marina & The Diamonds ✮ aespa ✮ Cigarettes after Sex ✮ Tommy february6 ✮ kikuo/きくおはな ✮ SZA ✮ BABYMETAL ✮ Korn ✮ Malice Mizer ✮ Queen ✮ ABBA ✮ Mitski ✮ Deftones ✮ Rob Zombie ✮ Radiohead ✮ Weyes Blood ✮ TWICE ✮ TOMORROW X TOGETHER ✮ Enhypen ✮ Beyoncè ✮ System Of A Down ✮ Vocaloid-(Miku, Gumi) ✮ IVE ✮ The Cure ✮ Aurora ✮ The Beatles ✮ Air ✮ Jack Off Jill ✮ Evanescence ✮ Nirvana ✮ Kali Uchis ✮ Ethel Cain ✮ My Chemical Romance ✮ Fleetwood Mac ✮ No Doubt ✮ Blonde Redhead ✮ REPULSIVE ✮ Seiko Matsuda ✮


Horror movies I love, fantasy too. ✮ Monster High movies ✮ The Lord of the Rings ✮ The Hobbit ✮ Bram Stoker's Dracula ✮ Sleepy Hollow ✮ Maleficent ✮ Perfect Blue ✮ Avatar & Avatar: The Way of Water ✮ Howl's Moving Castle ✮ Black Swan ✮ Edward Scissorhands ✮ Alice in Wonderland (2010) ✮ All the Shrek stuff ✮ All the Puss in Boots stuff ✮ Child's Play ✮ Bride of Chucky ✮ Candyman (1992) ✮ Misery ✮ The Shining ✮ Coraline ✮ Fantastic Mr. Fox ✮ The Mummy ✮ The Princess Bride ✮ Frankenweenie ✮ The Addams Family (1991) ✮ Addams Family Values ✮ Paranorman ✮ When Marnie Was There ✮ The Boxtrolls ✮ The Secret World of Arrietty ✮ Kairo/Pulse (2001) ✮ The Cat Returns ✮ Tangled ✮ Brave ✮ The Rocky Horror Picture Show ✮ Hellboy (2004) ✮ Hellboy II: The Golden Army ✮


 ✮ Popee the Performer :D ✮ The Amazing World of Gumball ✮ The X Files oUo ✮ Courage the Cowardly Dog ✮ Monster High ✮ South Park ✮ Law & Order ✮ Law & Order: SVU - The older ones ✮ Dragon Ball Z ✮ Dragon Ball Super ✮ Spongebob Squarepants ✮ Pokemon (Indigo League, Adventures in the Orange Islands, Johto Journeys, and Johto League Champions) ✮ The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. ✮ Marble Hornets ✮


✮ The Hobbit ✮


My Mom & my Dad.

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About me:

Hi, my name is Francie and I'm 19. :) I just like weird stuff, weird cute stuff, weird horror stuff...or any combination of these. I'm very interested in paranormal supernatural cryptid weird stuff. It scares me, but I still think about it lol... I'm kinda shy and awkward, so if I make a convo awkward, don't be surprised :P. 

LANGUAGES: English y un poco de Español :D

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone 16+ that likes the same stuff I do, and like me, can and will talk about the things I like for a WHILE. Maybe someone who can help me practice speaking Spanish, French, ect.. It'd be nice to find someone who understands sarcasm, and when I'm joking, because it's not so obvious to some people. I'm open to IMs anytime btw!! 💜

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·:* ♱ ✧ vinnoxxa ✧ ♱¨*:·

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ur profile is so cool!

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Thank you!! I like yours too! (ʘᴗʘ✿)

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report

⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍉ㆍ₊⊹

⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍉ㆍ₊⊹'s profile picture

i fw ur page

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Haha, thanks, I try to make it as rad as personally possible.

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report

u def made it super cool :3

by ⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍉ㆍ₊⊹; ; Report

Ty :3

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Hi new chum! Cool page 👍

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Thank you! <3

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report


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thx 4 the add back! i love ur profile :D ur profile reminded me that ive been meaning to get into silent hill lol

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Thank you!! I love your prf pic ^u^, and also you should. Do it. Do it NOW. It'll change your life, make it better.

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Happy Halloween from FunHouse Radio

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\ \\/\_/\// /
Spooky Kooky music playing now!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

► FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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thanks for the add back :D <3 ur profile is so cool!

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Thank uuu :D

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report


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thanks for the add and your profile is so pretty!!

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Aww, tysm ^^

by Porc3lain_Pr1ncess; ; Report

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