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Anime, Manga, Music, Vocaloid, Nintendo DS/3DS, Videogames (Omori, Osu, Project Diva, Project Sekai, ACNH, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Danganronpa), Art, J-fashion (Jirai-kei, Dark Girly, Kuro Lolita, Oversized, Menhera), Figure collecting, Plushies, Sanrio/San-X, Gloomy, Knives


Vocaloid+- [Inabakumori, Kairiki Bear, MARETU, PEPOYO, Kikuo, Neru, DECO*27, WanOpo, Nayutalien, Sasakure.UK, Ghost and Pals, x0o0x_, Nakiso, Pinocchio-P, Frog96, mochitsune, Utsu-P, r-906, Siinamota, Iyowa, Azari, Torabouta-P, Iroha] Jp- [Kenshi Yonezu, Yoh Kamiyama, Eve, Frederic, Imase, Sasanomaly, King Gnu, Miyashita Yuu, The Oral Cigarettes, Polkadotstingray, REOL, Yoasobi] Eng- [Cavetown, Joji, Melanie Martinez, Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, Ricky Montgomery, Weathers, Waterparks, Sub Urban, Panic! at the Disco, Bring me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Set it Off, Twenty-One Pilots, The Living Tombstone, Crumb, drive45, Glass Animals, glass beach, IDK HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Mitski, Marina, Jeff Rosenstock]


Promare, Studio Ghibli, Edward Scizzorhands (I don't watch many movies..)


Anime- [Fruits Basket, Mob Psycho 100, Bungo Stray Dogs, Bocchi the Rock, Madoka Magica, Made in Abyss, Kamisama Kiss, Vanitas no Carte, Komi Can't Communicate, Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, Fate series, Re: Zero, Banana Fish, Aggretsuko, Don't Toy With me Miss Nagatoro, NANA, Soul Eater] Asian Dramas-[Hi! School Love on, Meteor Garden(2018), Squid Game, Love Alarm, Switched] Other Shows- [Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Euphoria]


Manga- [Blue Period, Chainsaw Man, Yotsuba, Stranger by the Sea, Go for it Nakamura] Books- [No Longer Human, Starfish, Shatter Me, Sharp Objects]


The people who make music that I love.

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Your profile is amazing! I really love the Inabakumori song that you have on display. And it's so cool that we have a lot of artists we both like. Especially PinocchioP and The Living Tombstone! So glad we're both friends.

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AH your inabakumori theme is so cute ;_; thank you for the add!!!

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I'm glad you like it, thanks for the add back (ˊ•͈ ◡ •͈ˋ)

by memory; ; Report