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"she beefin on my strogenoff"

ngl kyokology's the stinkiest

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NieR:Automata/Replicant, Yakuza, Ace Attorney, persona, YTTD, mp100, csm, jpop, vocaloid, mandopop, Virtuareal/NIJISANJI, and cats OMGOMGOGMG CATSSSS CATS CATS CATS :3333


MCR, iyowa, picdo, kessoku band, syudou, ado, azusagawa, hypnosis mic, ivudot, gulu gulu, x0o0x_, zutomayo, no party for cao dong, inabakumori, nilfruits, vocaloid (vflower my babygirl), the cranberries, Royal Scandal, j-pop/rock, mando-pop,, any music tbh!!


The Lego Batman Movie (#LOVEWINS) yakuza like a dragon 2008, ace attorney (I don't watch that much movies)


bocchi the rock, soul eater, little witch academia, csm, jjk, hell's paradise, mashle, hnk, tbhk, fruits basket, pop team epic, watamote, made in abyss, dhmis, magical destroyer, bee and puppy cat, ohshc, nichijou, sonic boom/prime, bsd (haven't watched S4 tho), alien nine, great pretender, wonder egg priority, mp100, opm, alien stage(probably counts), vivy: floruit eye song, trigun stampede and takt op. destiny


csm, mashle, grand blue, gachiakuta, kani ni sasowarete, the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all, the ichinose family's deadly sin, love advice from the great duke of hell, dandadan, hnk, oyasumi punpun, opm, you are my angela, rojika to rakkasei, brutal, mp100, I can see you, Aziawa-san!, I love Amy, hell's paradise, jjk and sakamoto days


Reigen, majima (a hero in my heart, and Kiryu's heart) kiryu, miles edgeworth, ryunosuke naruhodo, itchy balls, zhao, nier, maya fey


NieR:Automata, Nier Replicant, (almost)all yakuza games (no spinoffs+LADIW) P5R, kirby and the forgotten land, dishonored, ace attorney trilogy, the great ace attorney chronicles, the murder of sonic the hedgehog, fortnite(damn), hello charlotte, valorant, apex, YTTD, ACNH, DDR winx club, dave the diver, needy streamer, dbd, mr rainer's solve-it service, TWDAK, VTSOM and deltarune

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hello vro ❤️ -call me peabrain or arvid- 15yo and idm any pronouns. Games, drawing and animanga fuels my soul! I also love Futaba from p5r, she just like me fr, did I mention I lvoe Futaba from p5r cus she just like me? I can speak a english and indo but ngl I'm borderline ass Playing 'OverThink ' cover by 果汁erR x 溯月Sotsuki Apollo Class

Who I'd like to meet:

cool people! (anyone really) but it'll be great if we have a few of the same interests ((13-17!)) majima nd kiryu PLEAASEE ....... oogghhh yagami.. big biddy women (goromi)

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ty for accepting!!!! love the music, u seem super cool :DD

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NPPPP!!!! I think YOU'RE super cool!!!!! :DDD

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