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19, She/Her, New here & hoping to make friends 🤍

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Aspiring historian & religion obsessed geek. I love abandoned architecture, ancient relics & the ocean.


Anything and everything, I love all kinds of music.


The Land Before Time (Universal 1988), The Prince Of Egypt (DreamWorks 1998), Finding Nemo (Disney 2003)


Whatever's on, I always like being introduced to new shows I'm not familiar with and watching reruns of old shows that are nostalgic to me.


History Books & Anything Obscure.


Joan Of Arc (Patron Saint)

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People that like the same Movies as me, Charlie Brown, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Wolfenstein, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fire Emblem, Kirby, DOOM, Powerpuff Girls, Petscop, Sonic The Hedgehog, Gorillaz, Spongebob, Jet Set Radio, Clone High, Yume Nikki, Animal Crossing, Teen Titans, SCP, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Making Fiends, Soul Eater, No More Heroes, OFF, Homestuck, Bayonetta, Nichijou, Puella Magi, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Monster High, Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Splatoon, Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club, Villainous, Cuphead, Deltarune, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Omori, The Walten Files & so much more I've yet to add.

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Izzzzzzzzzzzy's profile picture

Thank you for accepting my request, I love your profile picture (Yume Nikki is one of my favorite games...)

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Np, and I'm glad to find other Yume Nikki lovers! I love your icon too, I'm uncertain who she is but she's very cute <3

by Fantasia; ; Report


x_mace.n0thing_x's profile picture

hi! you seem rad and I hope you're having a good night. also your layout is so cool!

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Thank you!! I hope you're having a good one as well, and your layout is very pretty <3

by Fantasia; ; Report


485's profile picture

thank you for the add, have a good day~

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no prob, have a good one too!! <3

by Fantasia; ; Report


disappearing's profile picture

tyty for the add, local traveler!

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npnp <3 and nice to meet you Kris!!

by Fantasia; ; Report

* Kris gave a happy aggressive wave.

by disappearing; ; Report

* Fantasia replied with a friendly wave <3

by Fantasia; ; Report

Alissa's pretty kitty♡

Alissa's pretty kitty♡'s profile picture

Thank You For Adding Me<3

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thank you :> and love your profile layout!! <3

by Fantasia; ; Report

Thanks, yours is so much better though!<3

by Alissa's pretty kitty♡; ; Report

Yours is lovely, no need to look down on your own just because you like another's <3

by Fantasia; ; Report

ik but yours is so pretty!<3

by Alissa's pretty kitty♡; ; Report

thank you aa :'] you're too kind

by Fantasia; ; Report

Your Welcome<3

by Alissa's pretty kitty♡; ; Report


timaeusTestified_'s profile picture

Yo, thanks for the add.

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thank u, and i love your Dirk theme!! :>

by Fantasia; ; Report


Rαɱυԃα🍭's profile picture

Hey!! Thanks for the add ^^

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No prob :] and good to meet u!

by Fantasia; ; Report