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multiplefandoms! ^^ I love video games! extra love for decision making games but then get flustered when I actually have to make a decision. omori and sonic are my precious loves. Amy Rose
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Voiceloids,  kikou, babymetal, Eve, pierce the veil, yabujin,inabakumori, BTS, luvwillow, lady gaga,ryu, cascada,malice mizer, I listen to a lot of different genres I also listen to the devilman crybaby,diabolik lovers and omori osts frequently.( #>.<#) jungkook
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road to ninja:naruto the movie, and any studio Ghibli movie!XD I have a soft spot for ponyo and the cat return. The k project movies #>.<# Ponyo+Sosuke::Love has no limits-6ƨιмσиƨнαяραʏ
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I watch anime, kdramas, jdramas, donghuas.:) Love op, daily life of high school boys,  aot, lovely complex, soul eater, devilman crybaby, shugo chara, scums wish, future diary, super gals, nana, higurashi when they cry, ergo proxy, hellsing, K, FLCL, noragami, watemote, and nichijou!XD I watched alot of anime its hard to really make a favorite & for cartoons Invader zim, sonic boom, monster high & Pucca. I really only watch one reality tvshow and that's ofc JERSEY SHORE! Perona from Thriller Bark (One Piece) *pink* by Maja45 --Original Blingee--
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soul eater
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Gasai Yuno
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Shibuya Highschool Gals!
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MANGA! AND WEBTOON! XD Thats really all I read lol with a good soundtrack! some favs are one piece, nana, sand chronicles, hanakimi, seraph of the end, yakuza lover, Tokyo revengers, chainsaw man,high school debut, lovely complex, absolute boyfriend, skip beat, Kare first love, Alice 19th, scums wish, kiss him not me, hell paradise and more but I have a long list ^^ Once upon a time...
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Silver the Hedgehog :edit
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shadow the hedgehog
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i play any type of games. jprpg, rpg, physiologicalrpg, indie, horror, turn-based, first/third person shooter games, rhythm, puzzles. really any type. i really love omori, ddlc, fnaf, limbo, midnight club, life is strange, left 4 dead, project Sekai , corpse party, Catherine: full body, dangaronpa,yakuza series, fatel frame,bayonetta and ofc sonic games ^^ love spinner
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Monster High
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Vinny and Paulyy DJ
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Who I'd like to meet:

jersey shore cast!XD Pauly D
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Great profile!

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silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add!! u seem so kewl zomg

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AHH IM BLUSHING!! Thank you for accepting! I luv your layout and your page!(∩˃o˂∩)♡

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shadow the hedgehog enjoyers woOOOOOOOOOO

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WOOO! ^0^

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UR FITS R SOOO CUTE, I’m obsessed!!

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Omg!thank you! #>.<#
I read your blog your so funny!l LOL XD

by x_Xl1arX_x; ; Report

Bloody Knife
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